Picky Eaters Do Not Like Eating Seal Eyeballs

For a picky eater, asking them to eat something that seems normal and safe to you, is like someone asking you to eat a seal eyeball.

“Here.  Try the barbecue pork.  You’ll love it.”

Seal eyeball.

“Uh, no thanks.”

“Oh, c’mon.  It’s good!”  Holds it up in the air.

Seal eyeball.

“No, really.  No thank you.”

“I insist.”

Seal eyeball.

“Um…ok…gag, choke, gak.”

I’m a picky eater, not as bad as when I was a kid, but still picky, and sometimes I don’t even like my own stuff that I make.

For example, today I made some chicken.  I bought some sort of deboned chicken pieces and cooked them in a skillet with barbecue sauce.

They turned out really gross.  This is how gross they were:

It was as bad as having to eat a seal eyeball:

Ok.  It’s not really a seal eyeball, it’s a Boy9 eyeball, but I don’t have access to seals in the farmland of Pennsylvania.

I offered the chicken to the boys, as I offer them dinner every night, and they said a polite, “No, thank you,” and chose to starve instead, as they do every night.  Today, I could see their point.

I ate a bag of sugar snap peas, a handful of Fritos and a bowl of Cap’n Crunch for dinner instead.

Speaking of food, Darling Husband and I have a major problem.  Major problem.

You all know how much we love Li’s Buffet, right?

Well, the owner of Li’s Buffet opened another buffet on the other end of Gettysburg called JJ’s Hibachi Buffett.  (Where the old Mayflower Chinese Buffet used to be.)

And I have to say, we looooove the hibachi.  Not only do they have the hibachi, but they have these fake crab meat things on little clam shells dripping with butter.  Li’s used to offer them on the buffet, but they stopped a few years ago and oh, how I have missed them.  But now they’re back at JJ’s

But, Li’s has the better green beans and noodle-stuff that I like.

What to do?

The only solution is to start at Buffet #1 and get our favorite stuff as takeout, then head to Buffet #2, eating the takeout on the drive over, and then sit down to dinner at Buffet #2.

I love these Buffets.  There are no seal eyeballs on either buffet.