Buzzards, Wonky Farm Equipment, He Chose Poorly, and My Husband Goes On a Date

More impossible choices today!

First, the phone rang at 7:58; two minutes before the alarm was set to go off. Two minutes. I didn’t make it to bed until 1:00 last night, and then I didn’t fall asleep until after 2:00.  7:58 is early when you get to bed that late.

Why was I up so late?

A book.  Of course.  I was reading a book.  And while we’re talking about it, on page 267 of this book there was a reference to The Stand.  Ha!  You didn’t think that there were that many references to The Stand, did you?  But ever since I read it a couple of weeks ago, I’ve seen three different references to The Stand, in three completely different places.  If you recall, that’s the whole reason I read the 250,000 page thing to begin with; because I’m continually bumping into references to it, and I wanted to know why.  Why is The Stand referred to so much?!  (I wrote about it on this post.)

Let’s get back to the story about impossible choices:

7:58; phone rings.

I see on caller id that it’s Darling Husband.  He was calling to tell me about a hay field that looked really pretty in the early morning sunlight.  See, yesterday, I passed a field with balls of hay in it.  Not only were there balls of hay, but there was a buzzard.  A real-live buzzard!  Oh wow!  But I didn’t stop and get the shot because I was on my way to Soup Day.  I gave up taking a picture of a big ol’ buzzard just to get to Soup!  That’s commitment, folks!

But on the way home from Soup, the farmer was removing all the balls of hay.  Buh-bye picture.

So….7:58, Darling Husband is driving to work, sees the field with hay, and calls me to let me know.

My choice:  be irritated that I lost my 2 minutes of sleep, or be really happy that Darling Husband called about the hay.

I chose to be really happy.  Hopefully I chose wisely and I won’t age 1000 years in 1 minute and my skin won’t dry up and blow away and my hair won’t grow really long and white.  …  You know; the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?  When the bad guy drinks from the wrong grail?  And the knight says, “He chose…poorly” ??  Here’s the clip.

No?  Ok…moving on.

I ended up going out this afternoon for a couple of pictures, but I didn’t make it to the hay field.  Instead I found this nifty farm equipment sitting on the side of the road and took its picture.  No clue what it’s for.  There are tires popping out all over this thing.  Why?  Why are there tires popping out in all different directions?  Does it twist around and start driving on it’s side?  What does it do?  I’m such a suburb girl.  This country stuff is bizarre.

Tonight, Darling Husband and I went out for dessert, alone, and faced another difficult choice.  I couldn’t decide between the apple caramel crisp pie or the strawberry cheesecake pie.  Darling Husband wanted to get some sort of chocolate peanut butter thing, but in the end, he went for the strawberry cheesecake pie so that he could share with me.  Awww.  He spoils me.  Sooooo glad that I chose wisely earlier today and didn’t squawk at him about calling me two minutes before the alarm went off.  Shew!

While we were there, eating our pie, I took a bunch of pictures of it.


All of this photography attracted the attention of the man in the booth behind Darling Husband.  He was alone, and I always wonder why people are eating alone and come up with pathetic and sad stories about why they’re all alone.  Which is silly, because I’ve eaten alone a number of times and it’s never because I’m pathetic and sad.  It’s just that I want some food and I’m out and I have a book with me, so I go.

But, this guy calls out something about how his wife takes pictures of the food and we smile and nod at him and everything is very polite.  And then, out of the blue, he asks if I take pictures of weather.

Wait.  Weather?  Did he say weather?!

Darling Husband twisted around like a Russian gymnast, “Why do you ask that?”  and the man shyly mentions that he sort of works with weather…well, severe storms anyway.

Severe storms!

Yes!  You read that right!  And yes, you understand the implication of it, don’t you?  Remember Friday night’s blog?  (Click here to see it.)  On Friday night you all learned that Darling Husband, the Weather Weenie, has a particular affinity for severe weather.

And thus ended Darling Husband and my Date Night Out, and began Darling Husband and Bob’s Date Night Out.


Bob works for WeatherCall (click here) and was on a business trip.

When a tornado, severe thunder storm or lightening is coming your way, WeatherCall will call you and let you know. What’s nice about WeatherCall is that it won’t call you if something is headed to your county, because that’s not very useful.  Counties are big, and the storm might not affect you at all.  No, WeatherCall uses your latitude and longitude of your house and will only alert you if the storm is coming your way.   Directly towards your house.  Or, you can have them call your cell phone if you’re traveling around through bad weather.

Here’s an example of why this is useful:

Bob was at a free outdoor orchestral concert that were held every Sunday night.  He got notification that a storm was headed their way.  He approached the stage manager and introduced himself, looking very official in his shorts and sneakers, and told the manager that a storm was approaching.  The manager said, “Ok.  We’ll wrap up after this set.”  Bob told him, “You’re not going to have that much time.”

And the stage manager believed him!  He walked right onto stage, tapped the conductor on the shoulder, stopped the orchestra and announced that bad weather was coming, and to protect the instruments from the rain, the concert was ending.

Everyone packed up and left…and then it started to rain.

Isn’t that a great story?  I told him it’s a good thing that storm came, or he’d have never been able to go to the weekly concert again.  “Oh, no.  Not you again.  You weather troublemaker, you!”

Anyway, Darling Husband and Bob had a great time, and even found they had a mutual weather acquaintance.  “You know Ernie?!  I know Ernie!”

Ok guys.  Running on fumes here.  Off to bed.  No reading!  Except for while I’m brushing my teeth, of course.  And washing my face.  And changing my clothes.  Yes, you can read and change clothes at the same time.  I do it all the time.