Sharp Sticks, Dead Mice, Peed-on Shoes, and Emergency Broadcast Alarms

Started the day by feeding a bunch of 4 year olds donuts and then handing them sharp sticks to play with.

Today the preschoolers learned about the Golden Rule, so I gave half the kids two cans of playdoh each, and the other half no playdoh at all, and told them it was time to practice what we’d learned.  From the looks on the faces of the kids with double the cans of playdoh, I’m not so sure they’ve bought into the whole Golden Rule thing yet.  I know how they feel.  I hide in the bathroom to eat candy so I don’t have to share.

After church, while Darling Husband napped on the couch, the boys and I finally buried Rose.  Maybe you remember that our pet mouse, Rose, died about two months ago?  We put her in a box, put the box in a bag, and put the bag on the back porch until we had time to bury her.   Two months ago.  Finally, Boy9 asked today, “Um, can we bury Rose now?”

At 3:30, I laid down for a nap, but didn’t set the alarm.  Oops.  Two and a half hours later, I was awakened by the harsh emergency broadcast alarm on Darling Husband’s weather radio.  (Errrrt, errrrt, errrrt.)  Heavens above!  What in the world could be happening?!  I wasn’t even wearing my earplugs, so it was as if all the horses of the apocalypse were errrrt-ing through the room.  If that doesn’t cause you to end up stuck to the ceiling by your claws, I don’t know what will.

The alert was for rain.  Rain.  For crying out loud, I don’t want to hear any more about rain!  It messes up my Grocery Shopping Day, my Hershey Park Day, and now it’s messing up my Nap Day!  Oh, the weather radio likes to make it sound all important: Severe Thunderstorm Warning.  But honestly, it’s just a little rain.

Darling Husband always gets giddy when there’s a Weather Event headed our way, and double-giddy when his weather radio alarm goes off.  As soon as I stumbled, crabby and blurry-eyed from the room to tell Darling Husband that his radio had interrupted my nap, he dashed outside and hollered, “Take a look at that storm front!  It’s passing right overhead!”  I took a picture.

When I got back in, I thought to myself, “Gee, I haven’t done anything around the house today.  I ought to get something done.”  But instead, I took pictures of all the things I should have done today, but didn’t:

These are the boy’s summer clothes I got out of the attic and sorted.  They’ve been sitting in the dining room since Wednesday.

These are the tomato plants I haven’t planted yet.  They’ve been in the kitchen since Wednesday.  I hate gardening.  Most likely, next week I’ll be posting a picture of these same plants all shrived and dead, still in the kitchen.

While I was in the kitchen, I realized I didn’t want to cook dinner.  So, here’s the dinner I didn’t cook:

The stove needs a good cleaning, too.  Eh.

Didn’t do the laundry.  I love the part of laundry where you turn on the machine and put the clothes in.  I don’t like the part where you take them out and have to fold them and put them away.  So…didn’t do the laundry.

But look!  The laundry picture is picture number 1000 on Alex!  He’s only 23 days old and I’ve already taken over 1000 pictures.

Here’s where I didn’t clean the bathroom:

And look!  The new roll of toilet paper is almost gone, but still never managed to be put on the holder.  This is very unusual for us.  We don’t have the same bathroom issues that other people seem to have.  Usually, any one of the four of us is happy to replace the roll when it’s emptied.  No one cares if the paper is under or over.  And no one cares whether the seat is up or down.  We’re very blase about these issues.  You should try it sometime.  It’s very freeing not to care about the up/down seat and the over/under paper issues.  My only bathroom issue is that I don’t want pee in my shoes.  A few months ago, a boy accidentally peed in my shoes and that’s where I draw the line.

And here’s where I didn’t fix the curtains:

The curtain rod holder falls off the wall at least once a week.  We’ve tried tape and we’ve tried glue and nothing seems to work.  So, now we just sigh and stick it back to the wall until it falls down again next week.

Here’s where I did make dinner after all.  But it was just fried potatoes.

I’ve started giving the boys their food in a communal bowl.  The boys are picky eaters and even when you give them something they like, they’ll eat it so slowly that it gets cold and then they won’t finish it.  I mean, they can take 45 minute to eat 5 fish sticks.  So, in an effort to make them eat at a normal pace, I’m not giving them their own bowls or plates.  If they want to have something to eat, they’ll have to get to it before their brother does.  Maybe this will inspire them to eat their 5 fish sticks in less than an hour.

Ok.  That sounds horrible.  If they start fighting or if one starts to go hungry every meal, I won’t do it anymore.   Besides, so far the communal bowl hasn’t worked and they still let the food get cold.  Oh well.

Then, halfway through composing the blog, Michael and Kim, and some Lego guys, called and we all video chatted for awhile.  We made exclamations of delight at how science fictiony technology is nowadays.  The only problem is that Michael and Kim sat there eating Traci Cupcakes right in front of us and there was no way for them to push the cupcakes through the iPad so we could share them.  Someone really needs to invent something that can do that.

And there you have it, folks.  A 1000 word blog about nothing at all.  How does she do it?  It’s a gift.