The Weather Weenie vs. the Crabby Cameras

Alert!  Alert!  Guest writer on the blog today!  It’s Darling Husband.  And for those of you new to the blog, Alex, Clarisse and Daisy Mae are my cameras.

Take it away Darling Husband:


It was a very sad day at our house today.

Hi, DH here.

As you faithful readers are probably aware, DW and DS7 and DS9 (DS9?  That’s the one with the unhummable theme song isn’t it?  You SciFi geeks know what I mean.  The rest of you will have to be nice to a SciFi geek long enough to ask what that means) went to HERSHEY PARK (add appropriate echo effect when you say that).  Now, unfortunately for them, today was one of those very rare days on the east coast where there was a decent chance for severe weather.

Poor DF.  I, on the other hand, love weather!  I certainly don’t want to see anyone hurt or suffer any property damage or anything, but I love watching severe weather.  Severe weather, snowy weather, rainy weather, icy weather–I love it all.  I drove 200 miles one time just to see a snow storm.

I often pick on DW about how much of a camera nerd she has become. I mean, really.  Look at this picture.  Camera people…..sheesh.

I think it’s only fair to pick on her, since she picks on me. But, to be honest, I am what is called in the trade, a Weather Weenie.  Whenever there is a weather event to follow you can usually find me propped up in front of my laptop/iPad/PC (quite often all three simultaneously) watching (again simultaneously) weather radar, streaming tv stations and weather message boards or chat.  By the way, anyone who likes weather should check out RadarScope for the iPad.  They just did an upgrade to show SuperRes Reflectivity and Velocity Tilts.  It’s just beautiful!

Anyway what was I saying….Ah yes, poor DF.  I think they had a mostly rain free day.  I’ll let them tell you about that later.  And this (you see, I am looping back around to it now) is why we had a sad, nay very sad day at our house.  Alas, the bell did not toll for me, but rather for Alex.  DW said that she was jittery because she wasn’t taking Alex.  It makes sense.  I (shudder) wouldn’t have taken my iPad either if I had gone.  The cameras watched out of the window in disbelief.  Surely she had just forgotten.  She’d be back any moment to pick us up.

Sorry for the picture quality; I have an iPad 2 and the camera on it isn’t all that great (we both know it, the iPad and me.  It’s OK.  I love her just the way she is).  It was kind of dreary all day and I am not dedicated enough to drag out every light in the house to get the best lighting like DW would have done.

After the reality set in, I think Alex took it the hardest.

When I took this picture, I’m sure I heard Daisy Mae tell Alex “It’s OK.  You had some good times together.  I used to go everywhere with her too.”  Very touching.

I couldn’t stand all that moping so I thought maybe we could do something together to pass the time.  I suggested looking at the weather (shocking!) but he wasn’t buying it.

I thought maybe playing with some toys would cheer him up.  He could take artistic point of view shots…



DH here: Not a show I would watch, but hey, this isn’t about me.

No?!  Come on.  TV and Dr Pepper and Doritos?  Always makes me feel better…

Let’s try a game.

I suggested we color.  It works for the boys.

DH here: Hey! I don’t like the way this is heading…

Well, that worked for a while, but soon enough it was back to the window to pine away.

In the end they just insisted on hanging around by the front door and waiting. Anyway, DW should be home soon and the moping should end.   (By the way, it is POURING and THUNDERING – BOOM!)

Looking back over this essay, I notice that I sure use lots of commas, (and parentheses.)  Really though, that’s the way I think.  You see, I have ADOLASTW….Attention Deficit Oh Look a Severe Thunderstorm Warning!

I’m going outside on the porch to watch the storm.  I now relinquish control of the blog to the professional.  So long!


18 thoughts on “The Weather Weenie vs. the Crabby Cameras

  1. It appears as though Alex is a cheater…must be a Nikon thing…; he has too many letters on his tray.
    Also, I hope you didn’t let him lay them all down, since he spelled aperture wrong…again, must be a Nikon thing.

    Great post, Bryan. You’re a real trooper for spending so much time trying to comfort the cameras.

    • Yes, I’ll admit it freely–DH is the funny one in this house. My humor is a pale shadow next to his. And people never see it coming. One minute they think they’re having a nice conversation with him, and then he’ll say something so off the wall, and perfectly timed and worded, that they can’t help themselves and burst into laughter. And not just a little chuckle to be polite–they burst into laughter, in spite of themselves. They always look a little shocked.

      He’s awesome and I’m amazingly blessed.

    • I wonder if you’ll know I wrote this? Maybe you’ll get some sort of notification. But I was just wondering how your reading has been going lately. You had chosen some pretty heavy tomes to slog through…

      • I’ve been totally slacking – just got started on 1984, but I am loving it 🙂 after that I’m thinking Sherlock Holmes or Hitchhiker’s Guide – probably Hitchhiker’s Guide first though since it’s shorter, and then we’ll go from there, I need to pick up the pace a little, it’s already June, eek!

      • I like Hitchhiker’s guide, but you do know there are 6 books in the trilogy, right? But I never bothered finishing the 6th one. It wasn’t written by Adams, and it’s not the same.

        You can read both, because Holmes are a bunch of short stories, so you can get through one of them during a lunchbreak.

      • Interesting! My bf has “The trilogy in five parts” which made me go “what?!” so that makes a little more sense 😉 I looove short stories, especially Poe – but “The Necklace” by Demaupesaunt (might have the spelling off on that one – it’s a french name) and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson always stuck with me from high school – they were so brilliant!

      • No, no, no; the five-part trilogy isn’t supposed to make sense, so don’t even bother trying. Hitchhikers is comedy. Also, did you know that the author (Douglas Adams) wrote a bunch of Doctor Who episodes?

  2. B.,you did a great job with the cameras. Eventually they will settle down, some. They take on the personality of their owner. Of course, with their owner that may take some time.
    My cameras N80 and D90 are like me. We go into meditation mode before you can say, “Zazen “.

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