If You Can’t Say Something Nice, At Least Make it Funny…or…If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself, Laugh at Your Friends.

Photo Club today.  Being the leader of Photo Club seems to have finally gone to Scott’s head.

First, he arrived in his dressy clothes with a tie, telling us that he would be the model and we would have to take all our pictures of him.  But before we started, he made us sing a song praising his photography skills while he conducted with a baton.

He inspected each picture and if he didn’t like it, he threatened to hit us with the baton.

Not good enough, Kevin! Take it again!

He timed how long it took for us to adjust our camera settings and if we weren’t quick enough…yes, you got it; the baton again.  I’m starting to wonder exactly how Gerhard landed in the hospital.

When the sun came out, Scott brought out his parasol but he wouldn’t share it and forced us to stand in the sunlight taking portrait after portrait.

Poor Kevin was languishing, standing in the blinding sunlight, while Scott was hogging the refreshing shade of the parasol, as you can see from this completely-undoctored-that-I-did-not-play-with-in-any-editing-software-to-make-Kevin-look-sunnier,-honest picture below.

Finally, we’d had enough, and Kevin and I combined forces and took away Scott’s baton and umbrella.  He pouted for the rest of the day.

Not really sure what happened today, because Scott’s normally a pretty nice guy, when he’s not busy whining about how he doesn’t want to be the leader of Photo Club.

In this shot, he even scrunched down so that I could take a picture without my camera pointing up his nose.  No one warned me that you’re supposed to be tall to take pictures.

And then Scott helped me figure out some of my settings by taking a picture of me with Alex.

But now that I’m home and not in the glare of sunlight, and had time to test it, I think something’s wrong with Alex’s metering.  No matter whether it’s on matrix, center weighted, or spot, the camera reacts the exact same way.  I tried those same settings on Clarisse and she reacts differently depending on the setting.  Alex!  What’s going on?!  Come to think of it, Scott spent an awful lot of time alone with Alex the other day…


Went out to dinner at Li’s Buffet.  It’s been almost two weeks!  Too long.  Posted on Facebook something about going to Li’s, and within five minutes the phone rang.  Claude and Kendra wanted to come, too.

Here’s their sweet baby at Li’s Buffet.  She loves Li’s Buffet.  She gets to chew on the chopsticks.  I made her glowy.  Is she too glowy?  Dunno.  Stared at the picture too long and now my eyes are all dried out.


6 thoughts on “If You Can’t Say Something Nice, At Least Make it Funny…or…If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself, Laugh at Your Friends.

  1. Wow, am I ever glad you told us about Scott. And just in time because several of us were interested in joining your boot camp, I mean club. Very funny as usual, dustylizard, and just when I needed it. Blessings

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