Scrapbooks are Yucky, Gaking is Yucky, and Hospital Food…is Yucky!

Took the boys back to the stables for another field trip with the co-op.  I won’t add it to the State Mandated Scrapbook of Doom, since this is our second time going this year.  Hey—did I ever tell y’all that I hate scrapbooking??

Here’s a picture of the stables.  (Don’t forget to click on the picture to see it larger.)  This is less than 4 minutes from my house.  I can’t say it enough: it’s gorgeous around here.  People who grew up in this area don’t always understand how good they have it. Really, if you’re from a city or suburb, it’s shocking how beautiful the scenery can be.  I mean, when I drive to Walmart, I can see the horizon!  The horizon, people!  Without 82 miles of buildings in the way.   In my old neighborhood, you might see a whole football length before your eyes were stopped by a building.  But I can look out my car window and nothing blocks my view for miles, except for maybe a knoll or a sheep or a rosebush.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Susan are visiting this weekend from California.  They’re staying in a hotel in Gettysburg and they went on and on about the scenery. Of course they did!  We had a lovely dinner with them tonight.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Susan

When we first moved here (and stop me if I’ve already told you this story….ok, no one’s stopping me…so I’ll keep going), I was terrible on the roads, just terrible!  Why?  Because I was so busy rubber necking at all the scenery.

Then I got better and was able to pay attention to the roads again.

But then, I caught the photography bug and it’s a wonder we get anywhere 1. in one piece or 2. on time.   Everywhere I look, I see something that would make a beautiful picture, and I’m back to rubbernecking.  And half the time, I can’t resist and I pull over to take pictures of it.

Here’s a close up of the stable.

I walked past it and thought, “Ooo.  Such a pretty little scene,” and then spent the next 15 minutes taking pictures from different angles and adjusting every single setting on the camera, just for fun.  Hey, you do your boring scrapbooking for fun, and I adjust settings on the camera for fun.  Different doesn’t mean wrong, it just means different, right?  Unless it’s state mandated scrapbooking.  And then, that’s just wrong.

It was hot today.  During the lunch break the boys played with their light sabers…in jeans and boots…in a field…in the hot sun.  They turned bright red and were Miserable with a capital M.  Boy7 melted ice cubes from the cooler on the top of his head.

Boy9 does badly in the heat.  He can’t tolerate it well.  He gets physically ill.  So, about an hour before the event was scheduled to end, I decided to take him home to cool him off since he looked like he was going to keel over.  We got in the car and about 3 minutes into our 4 minute drive home, he gaked up his breakfast.  He didn’t gak up his lunch because he didn’t eat his lunch.  Thank goodness for picky eaters when they’re just going to get overheated and gak things up.

After all the gaking, we went to visit Gerhard in the hospital.  Gerhard regaled us with tales of the Horrible Hospital Food.  I’m pretty sure they feed you such horrible food just so you have something to talk to your visitors about.

Right in the middle of a rousing tale of bb-sized blueberries and cream of yuck for breakfast, Gerhard’s dinner arrived.  Mmmm.  Doesn’t it look tasty?

Here are his luscious peaches for dessert.

Gerhard started out with high hopes—meatloaf, with gravy!

Here goes..


Oh well. Maybe the peaches will be good…

Thank you, Gerhard, for being cool about the picture taking.  In fact, these pictures of him…er…enjoying his meal were his idea.


7 thoughts on “Scrapbooks are Yucky, Gaking is Yucky, and Hospital Food…is Yucky!

  1. Boy9 sounds like my boy. 🙂 I had a picture once of a hospital meal when my boy was in for a test. I texted it to the husband to see if he could figure out what it was. No luck. I didn’t even attempt to eat it. Great pictures!

    • We went to Li’s Buffet (Chinese restaurant) for a special invitation-only Chinese New Year celebration. There were a few American-Chinese dishes there,but most of it was the real Chinese food that they don’t feed you in America. Darling Husband and I seriously couldn’t figure out if some dishes were animal or vegetable.

      Maybe they gave you Chinese food in the hospital?

  2. That’s why I like living in the prairies too – skies stretching out forever and ever, it’s lovely 🙂 so much to see! Lovely pictures again, even the hospital ones 😉 te he

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