My Lame-O Homeschool, What if You Morph Into A Monster, and The Theater has Sims Carpet

Took Boy9 to have his homeschool evaluation today.  What that means for us poor beleaguered souls in the hateful State of Pennsylvania is that we have to track down someone with a teaching certificate (Patti) who is willing to wade through our resume/scrapbook of worksheets and photos from the past year and assess whether or not the kids have learned anything.

I prepared Boy9 ahead of time, telling him that she would ask him questions and he was not to make goofy jokes and say things like, “Duuuuuh” and roll his eyes around in his head.  The problem is that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and if Boy9 was in a class, he’d be the clown.

In fact, he already is.  When we attend the co-op, he’s the one that tried to convince everyone that there was a spaceship in the background of a Raphael painting of the Madonna.  These are the times when you look at the other co-op parents, shake your head and muse aloud, “I wonder whose kid that is?”

When we got to Patti’s house, she sat us down and looked through the scrapbook and then asked Boy9 a few casual questions.  And just like the frog in that Looney Tunes cartoon that won’t sing and dance for anyone except the one guy, Boy9 just sat there and croaked.

(Here’s a little clip of the frog singing, “Hello my baby.”  Here’s the full cartoon.)

Yes, people, Boy9, who normally talks your ear off, choked.   And sure enough, his eyes rolled around in his head.

It’s not like she asked him to diagram a sentence or recite his 8 times tables.  They were questions like, “What do you like to do for fun?”  “Duuuuhhh” eye roll.  “What’s your favorite subject?”

Oh, wait, he got that one.  For “What’s your favorite subject,” he answered, “History, because I don’t have to do anything.  Mom just reads to me.”

What?!  “History, because I don’t have to do anything?”  What kind of lame-o homeschool do you have, Ms. Lizard?

It’s totally not true.  I make him fill in blank maps (at least 2 a week), we listen to clips of Churchill speeches and bugle calls from the Crimean war, we look at pictures of the famous people and places, I make him fill in an outline, we discuss, discuss, discuss what we’ve read until we’re hoarse….

…but he has to go and say, “history, because I don’t have to do anything.”

Whatever!  Kids!

Patti and Frog Boy

We only have 8 more days of official school left to meet our 180 day requirement for the year, so we took off part of last week and all of this week.  Today after the evaluation, I took the kids to see The Avengers .  There wasn’t much of anything in the movie that was inappropriate for them, even though it is rated PG13.  Boy7 is a touch sensitive about things, so when meanie Loki took that guy’s eyeball, I had him look away, and when the Hulk changes the first time, I had him look away then, too.  He gets really creeped out when people morph into other things.  I know where he’s coming from.  Sometimes when I was a kid, sitting by my mom I’d wonder to myself, “What if she suddenly turned into an evil witch and tried to scratch me or stab me?”

What?  Didn’t you think like that when you were a kid?  No?  Oh well.  Let’s move on…

But in this case it wasn’t the movie that was difficult for Boy7, it was those intense previews.  Stoopid previews.  Here’s the shot of my drink that I didn’t get the first time I went to see the Avengers, but I got it this time.

Oh!  Alex does better than the T3i in low lights!  That’s another reason for you, Kevin!

And then, while the boys were taking forever in the bathroom, I was thinking that the carpeting in the hallway looks just some of the carpeting from The Sims. Here’s a shot of it:


After they got out of the bathroom Boy7 was full of energy and ran up and down the hallway.  I kept telling him, “Get outta my picture!” but after sitting still for two and a half hours, he needed to run, so he’s part of the picture now:

Boy7–gotta run!


4 thoughts on “My Lame-O Homeschool, What if You Morph Into A Monster, and The Theater has Sims Carpet

  1. Nice carpet shot and soda shot. Wherever did you come up with the idea for the soda one with the lights in the background?

    Anyway, I’ve always loved that cartoon with the singing frog…what a classic.

    • That’s one of my favorite cartoons, too. It’s a tie between that one and another one where Elmer Fudd and Bugs are in an opera singing Wagner and in the end Elmer does Kill the Wabbit. But Bugs looks up at the end and says, “Well, what’d you expect in an opera? A happy ending?” Perfect.

      Oh, wait. Marvin the Martian is also a favorite. Any of the cartoons with him are awesome as well.

      Thank you for the compliment on the carpet and soda shot.

      Attention everyone!! It was Scott’s idea that the lights should be included in the picture of the soda. 🙂

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