Serious is Boring and Don’t You Ever Brush Your Teeth?

In this house, we take dental hygiene seriously.

Look at all this dental stuff I found in our bathroom cupboards:

I counted:

11 old toothbrushes

10 new toothbrushes

14 things of floss

19 toothpaste tubes

6 bottles of mouthwash

1 box of Crest Whitestrips

Do we do some sort of couponing?  No.  Are we stocking up for when The Big One hits us?  No.  Oh, then it’s because whenever you get all those free samples from the dentist you don’t use them because you guys never brush your teeth? NO!

Apparently, we are well-loved by our dentist and she likes to relentlessly shower us with gifts of brushes and mini tubes of toothpaste.


Hey!  Do you all remember how Bridgette asked me to rework my blogs into five paragraphs she could use for the SAT test prep book she’s writing?

Yes.  You remember.  No problem, Bridgette!  Within an hour or so, the paragraphs were worked over to make sense standing alone.

But then!  Then!  She asked me, “Hey, can you re-write those same paragraphs, but make them serious?  That way, the students can compare serious vs humor.”

Sure, no problem Bridgette!

Wait…did she say “serious?”

I did it, but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as writing humor.  The paragraphs are completely and utterly unfunny.  Some of them even turned out almost…sentimental.  I know, I know!  Is that even possible!? Gak!

But hey, she paid me some more money AND scored me some camera gear!  Oooo!  A new battery and lens hood, and maaaybe a little tripod.  I can be serious if it means Alex gets accessories.


Ok.  Gotta run.  I was given strict instructions to finish watching Once Upon A Time with Darling Husband in time for Soup Day.  Which is tomorrow.  Kris wants to talk about it.  So….gotta get watching!  Season finale!  Oooo!


Oh, and Soup Day people, beware.  If it doesn’t rain, I want to take pictures of you outside.  I have some ideas I want to practice.  Instead of just randomly taking your picture, I have an actual Plan!  Don’t wear your slobby clothes (as if you ever would…)


Oo! A comment!

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