Rabid Children, Pestilent Photographers, and The Grim Reaper

Double kid birthday party at Pump It Up.

Pump It Up is a warehouse-sized building with blow up bouncy things that kids can jump around in. And sometimes, the grown ups need to (ahem) “help” the kids.  These bouncy things go all the way up to the 2-story ceiling and have slides and obstacle courses.

They’re a lot of fun, but you realize quickly how out of shape you are when you’re in these things.  Oh, you might think you’re in shape because you walk on your treadmill every day, but just try squeezing through a blow up obstacle course with twenty rabid children at your heels and then come tell me about it.

For one of the bouncy things, you take a running leap up a wall with a velcro tag in your hand.  The goal is to see how far up this wall you can attach your velcro tag.  Look at this girl:

She’s off!

Does she have it?!?

Nope. Too bad, kid.

But now look at this tag.  Do you see it attached to the top?

Yup.  It was Rob’s tag.  One part sweat, two parts swagger.

Oh, yeah.

The birthday children turned 8 and 7.  Boy8 and Girl7 are step-siblings and their birthdays are a year and a day apart, so they have their parties together.  Here they are in front of their cakes:

Girl7 looks mostly pleasant in this picture.  Probably because she didn’t know I was taking her picture.  Here were the other shots I got of her:

I hate photographers.

Ok. I’ll smile for you. But I’ll do it *my* way.

Die, photographer, die.

It wasn’t until the party was over and we were visiting at Boy8 and Girl7’s house that Darling Husband got her to smile.  He brought his ipad with him (of course.)  He has an app that allows him to take a short video of something, and halfway through the video a rocket will blow up whatever he’s taking a video of.  Or a meteorite will fall on it.  Or a tornado will drop a van on it.

And that’s funny.


Photo number 258. Photographers are tenacious.


Girl7’s cake was of the little mermaid.  Boy8’s cake was of death.

You got bigger problems than boy-trouble, Ariel. (This caption brought to you by Darling Husband.)


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