In Homeschool today we learned about smiling, walking single file and Satanism

Been working on The Portfolio.  So far this school year we went on 28 stinkin’ field trips.  Twenty-eight!  And, by gum, I’m going to include pictures and paragraphs for each and every one.

Today was the 29th field trip.  We went to a Greek Festival which was pretty much all food.  Food food food, and my kids are picky eaters.  They wouldn’t touch any of it.  That was fine: more for me!

I discovered a con to homeschooling today.  We were weaving our way through a crowded cafeteria and the boys couldn’t figure out how to follow me single file and kept taking up too much room.  Can’t walk single file?  Really? I thought that was just a joke about homeschoolers, but apparently it’s true.  They can’t walk single file.  How will they ever get jobs?!

Part of the trip was supposed to involve a tour of a Greek Orthodox Church.  The Priest was very talkative, and forgot to do the tour part.  He just did the talk part.

I asked Boy9 if he remembered anything from the talk, and he said, “Yes.  I learned that Satanists use an upside down cross or upside down star as their symbol.”  An hour long talk, and that’s all he comes away with.  Well, at least he learned something, right?  Maybe we won’t count today’s trip as an educational field trip…

Before the talk I had a lot of fun taking pictures with Alex (my camera).  Here are some candles:

Didn’t Alex do a lovely job?  That’s just beautiful.  He’s so talented.  I didn’t adjust anything except for size to upload onto this website.

Just so you know: when you’re in a gilded Greek Orthodox church and a ray of sunlight beams down on the top of someone’s head, you are compelled to take a picture of it.

And yes, I did make this one a little glowy on the computer.

For the last picture, Boy9 is standing in front of paintings that were for sale.  I’m not sure what they have to do with a Greek Festival, but there ya go.  I told Boy9 to smile.  So, he sort of quirked the sides of his mouth.  “No. Smile.”  Twitch.  “Smile.  Nice and wide now.”  Twitch.

I said, “Look at me.  This is what we call a smile,” and I gave him a big grin.

And this rictus of a smile was the best he could come up with.

Moldy Cheese!

Speaking of children being difficult, you all saw this reading of The Wild Things by Christopher Walken, didn’t you?  It starts getting particularly good at about 55 seconds in.    It’s 10 minutes long, but when you have the chance, it’s worth the time.

Oh!  And I got a little paying job today tutoring students on essay writing.  I guess I have a bit of experience with essay writing, being as I’ve written 143 essays so far this year.  Granted, they’re just quick little things that I whip out in the evening, but still.

Oh, man.  When I wrote essays in college (like the Grandparent’s Guide) I would spend weeks on those things until they were honed to an icy cold perfection.  Women would weep reading my college essays and men would break into inspiring song…in Italian.  I heard a rumor that the president was considering giving me a purple heart, and I’m pretty sure one is on display in the Vatican.


9 thoughts on “In Homeschool today we learned about smiling, walking single file and Satanism

  1. So sorry about the tour part of the Greek Festival. That has not been our experience in the past. The Greek Dancers were neat to watch, so we are sorry you missed that, too. Picky eaters? Ouch. I see what you mean about being on the fence as to whether you will count this field trip or not. At least you liked the food.

    • I thought the food was great! The kids said they weren’t entirely disappointed by the talk. They had been hoping to get up and move around and see things up close, but said it wasn’t too bad. Oh well!

  2. Just the other day, the president was saying how he was waiting for you to write an essay on getting wounded,, while getting wounded in some theater of war, and he wanted someone else to photograph it, because he thought your warranty would be voided if your camera got hit at the same time. If you can’t handle that, no Purple Heart for you. You’ll have to settle for your essay on picky eaters in Latin secreted at the Vatican. Bennie loved it. I can call him that because he is a landsman.

  3. Me, if I could- but I can’t in pub school: “OK, kids, you all know that Satan is evil, right. Now, remember that Jesus saves you from that evil.”
    Board of Education: “How dare you impose your views upon children.”
    God: “How dare you impose your (Board of Education) views on my people.”

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