Secrets Parents Keep From Non-Parents and What’s WRONG with my Pictures?

As usual, I was interrupted about once every 26 seconds today.  If you’ll recall, I made a little joke yesterday about how when you have a baby you get a pamphlet from the hospital telling you everything you need to know about being a parent.

Now, of course, we all know that doesn’t happen, and usually people who are parents won’t tell you the truth about parenting, either.  But, I’m going to crack the silence a little and let you in on an unfortunate truth about parenting, just so you can never say you weren’t warned.

When I worked, a decade ago (oh my), I was a corporate trainer.  This meant that I didn’t do anything all day long unless there was a training class.  And then, I got to stand up in front of everyone and tell them what to do.

No, not really.  That’s just what everyone thought.  I used to think it about the trainers, too, and was in for a nasty surprise when I finally got the job.

Basically, everyone, including the boss, figured that trainers had nothing to do, so every problem that no one else felt like dealing with got dumped on the trainer.  They were snarly problems that required a lot of research and detail work.

In addition to the Gordian knots we had to undo, we were also expected to be available for questions from everyone in the company, as well as random people off the street, at all times.  Which meant you’d be in the middle of trying to interpret some obscure piece of state law, without the help of a law degree, and you’d be interrupted 48 times in as many minutes.

I never got a thing done.

So when I quit to have my baby, I had two thoughts.  The first one was, “I will never, ever have to look at all those impossible-to-solve issues that are sitting in my email in box ever again!”  And I never did.  (Wa-hoooo!)

And the second thought was, “I will finally be able to do something without interruption!

And here’s the unfortunate parenting truth.

Children will interrupt you even more than coworkers.  Oh, I could go on and on for paragraphs about the constant, non-stop, unending interruptions, but it would just depress you.  I’ve read that after you have children you lose 10 points off your IQ.  I’m terrified to test this theory, because I’m shamefully vain about my smarts, but I’d bet money that parents bomb the test simply because they’re so nervous they’ll get interrupted halfway through the test and can’t focus.

Anyway, nothing got done this morning except for those paragraphs for Bridgette.  I was interrupted 50 bazillion times, but at least I wasn’t composing from scratch, which I only do after the kids are in bed.  But nothing else got done today due to non-stop interruptions.  I’d hoped to get more done on the portfolio.  Didn’t happen.


This afternoon we went on a field trip with the homeschool co-op to the Bear Branch Nature Center to learn about wetlands.  The boys asked whether they should bring their light sabers and Darling Husband pointed out that the place was called the Bear Branch Nature Center, so…

In the picture below we’re walking on boardwalks through the wetlands. Looks like something from Myst.

The blue pages….the red pages….

I have to tell you that I took a bazillion pictures and something wasn’t right…  It kept nagging and nagging at me.  My ISO was ok.  Aperture was fine.  Shutter speed was where I expected.  Exposure was right in the middle.  But something…  What is it?  It nagged at me.  When I looked at the pictures, I could tell that I’d seen this problem before…but what was it that I was seeing?  I couldn’t quite diagnose it. So, I soldiered on taking pictures.

In the above picture, our nature guide is showing the children something in the water.  I like the way they’re all looking down.

Here!  Here’s an example of something wrong with the picture.

Yes, I know the composition is bad, (too much sky, feet cut off) but it’s something about the colors… Why is the sky all washed out?  It shouldn’t do that.  In fact, the sky should have been a rich blue in this shot.  Why??  I can almost, but not quite, remember the word I’m looking for…..

Here is boy7 with red eyes.  I warned you all that I would probably change everyone’s eye color for awhile.  I’m sure I’ll get over it soon, but for now, this is just too much fun!

….Metering!  That’s the word!  Metering!  I’ve seen it do this before when my metering is on spot metering!

How did Alex get on spot metering?

Turns out that when I set the metering on Clarisse, she always reverts back to overall metering whenever I turned her off.  But Alex retains the last metering setting used.  So, I didn’t realize he was still stuck on spot metering from about three days ago.

Just for fun, isn’t this picture a little freaky?

I love this picture.  The kid in the back really looks dead, doesn’t he?


5 thoughts on “Secrets Parents Keep From Non-Parents and What’s WRONG with my Pictures?

  1. So, I’m reading the blot and thought I’d read it a second time. When I came back for round 2, the flash part disappeared . What happened?

  2. I believe it! My sisters are a lot younger than me (12.5 and 15 years to be precise) and since both of our parents worked full time I spent a lot of time helping raise them and oh my do they EVER like to interrupt you 😉 they just have so many questions! And if it’s not a question it’s a request for help and if it’s not that it’s always something, I remember quite well – even now that I’m away from home and they are teenagers it’s funny because I’ll phone home to talk to my mom and you’d think she could have maybe a half hour phone conversation with me without one of them needing her? But no, usually the youngest needs at least one thing (usually more) over the course of our phone conversation – and my mom informs me it’s not just our phone conversations, it’s all phone conversations! lol I am not quite sure what that is all about – when I was a kid and one of my parents were on the phone I was like a mouse – I disappeared until they were done and then when I heard them hang up THEN I would ask, I guess we are just from different generations 😉

    As for the pictures I really like the one of all the kids looking down – it’s nicely composed and it seems like it captures the moment nicely, as does the last one – quite funny 🙂

    • Kids need a lot of attention. My favorite memories are of my mother and me sitting around a table eating dessert and just talking. We’d sit there for hours.

      I look back and think that she may have wanted to get other things done, but she took the time to sit there and let me ramble on and on about stuff. I realize now that the conversation couldn’t have possibly been of complete interest to her, but she never acted like it wasn’t. She listened and was just there for me.

      I try to remember that when I’m feeling frazzled and pulled in too many directions by all the interruptions.

      Thanks about the pictures. I like the light saber one, too.

      • It’s true! That’s why I never tried to leave much home work for when I knew I’d be watching the girls, instead I’d try to figure out fun things we could do like “make overs” (mostly just doing their hair and putting together a nice out fit) or going to the park to play or sometimes if they were very lucky a trip to Pizza Hut! But it worked 😉 they were occupied and I wasn’t too frazzled by trying to get work done while having two kiddlets crawling all over me.

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