I Finally Got My Expensive Gift from a Man, Women are Trouble, and I’m Going to have Purple Eyes From Now On.

I told Mom (Darling Husband’s mother) that Darling Husband bought me Alex (my new camera) for Mother’s Day.  She just about popped with pride.  She’s always telling Darling Husband to, “Take your poor wife out to a fancy dinner!”or “Buy that woman something nice for her birthday for a change.”

I just sit there and nod and try to look needy.  Mom is laboring under the delusion that Darling Husband is the only cheap one in our house and that he’s denying me things that I’m pining away for.  She hasn’t caught on that we’re both equally cheap.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to tell her, but she just won’t listen.  Honest. I’ve told her, “I don’t want him to spend the money.”  But she’s not convinced and I’ve given up trying.  Instead I sit there looking noble and sacrificing.

It drives Darling Husband a little nuts.

But today Mom was so proud of her son.  Finally (!) he bought his wife a nice and expensive gift.  She told me I was worth it.

I don’t think she’ll be happy with any future gifts that Darling Husband gets for me, however, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a boring old camera bag for my 20th anniversary in June.  Here’s why:

Today, I slid into the passenger seat of the car…yes, slid.  That’s how it goes down around here on Sunday morning.  We’re in a bit of a rush, so Darling Husband opens the window and I take a ninja leap in the air and slide into my seat.  If we’re in the Subaru he opens the sunroof and I somersault through the roof.  No wait.  That wasn’t me.  Sorry, that was Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers.  I just wish I was her.

So…when I slid into the passenger seat of the car, I had my bright orange insulated lunchbox with me.

“What’s in the lunchbox?” asked Darling Husband.


For some reason, Darling Husband thought that housing Alex in an insulated lunchbox was the funniest thing he’s seen all week.  He laughed the entire way to church.  Well, it is only a 4 minute drive.  And when  I said, “Scott and Kevin thought it was funny, too,” that made him laugh even more.  I don’t see what’s so funny about it.  I thought it was pretty clever.  It’s padded.  And I wrapped Alex in a dishtowel for extra safety.  When I took Alex out of the lunchbox to show him to everyone after church, Darling Husband looked a little embarrassed.

So that’s why I’m thinking it’ll be a boring old camera bag for my anniversary.  (Unless anyone has one they want to give to a good cause?)  Mom will be so disappointed.

We took Mom to Li’s Buffet for lunch today.  If you recall, I’ve taken pictures of most of the restaurant, so now I’m taking picture of the people who work there.  This is the owner’s daughter, Yen.  It was easy to get a nice picture because  she’s so pretty.

After lunch at LI’s, I was exhausted, as usual for a Sunday.  I told the boys that for Mother’s Day I wanted to sit on the couch and watch a movie with them, my choice.  We watched Star Wars Episode III because they haven’t seen it before and I was hoping they’d be quiet through it so I could nap.

I got misty-eyed in the sad parts and Boy7 covered his eyes during the Anakin melting in the volcano parts and Boy9 made sarcastic comments through all the parts.  Gee, I wonder where he gets that from?  *cough*darlinghusband*cough*.

I think it’s just so sad the way that Anakin turns to the dark side so that his wife won’t die, but in the end he’s the one who causes her to die.  Very Greek.  Lesson learned from Star Wars:  women are trouble.  And the boys were astounded to learn that Yoda is actually Miss Piggy.

And what would Mother’s Day be without gaining a good pound or two?  So I made Chocolate Bolacha to round out the festivities.


What a nice clear picture Alex took of my eye.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to resist changing the colors of my eyes in all my pictures from now on.




4 thoughts on “I Finally Got My Expensive Gift from a Man, Women are Trouble, and I’m Going to have Purple Eyes From Now On.

  1. It’s good that you wrapped your camera in the towel to absorb any moisture that may occur due to evaporation caused in an insulted lunch bag.

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