Beefy Man Pictures, Don’t Poke Your Own Eye Out, and What’s This Button Do?

My lovely friends have been celebrating the arrival of Alex with me.  (For those new to my blog, Alex is the new camera I got yesterday.)

First Michael sent me this picture of Alex with the caption “Nothin’ dainty about Alex.”


I usually like my men a little less beefy, but I guess Alex likes to work out.

Then I got an email from Barbetta:

“Did Alex make it safely home? How is he settling in? I hope he sleeps well at night for you! Am looking forward to seeing examples of what he can do!  Barbetta”

And I found out that while I was still waiting for Alex to arrive yesterday, Kevin was going to call me in a pretend panic:  “We have to go to the hospital right away!  It’s an emergency!  Can you come to my house right now to watch my children?”  He said he was ready, phone in hand, to call and then decided he just couldn’t be so mean.

I don’t think it was that he couldn’t be mean.  I think it was that he didn’t really want to know what my answer would be.  The innocent, helpless children or…Alex?  And like in  The Lady and the Tiger*, you get to decide what my choice would have been.

Got up early this morning for a Photo Club field trip to a state park.   I mostly wasted my time at the field trip.  I was just so happy to be getting to spend time with Alex that I didn’t spend a lot of time composing pictures.  We ran though the fields together and laughed at each other’s silly jokes and he made a daisy chain crown for me and I hand-fed him strawberries.

After all that, I took lots and lots of test pictures.  Take a picture of my foot…what happens if I push this button?  Take another picture of my foot.  Oh!  I see what happens!  What about this button?  Another foot.  You get the idea.  Sorry I don’t have any great pictures to share with you today, but there’s gonna be a learning curve on this thing, so don’t expect much for a few weeks.  If you want to see good pictures, head over here.  This is where I go to drool over the pictures.

Immediately after our field trip I went to see The Avengers with Scott and Kevin.  Darling Husband is too hyper to enjoy sitting still in movie theaters for more than 10 minutes, so it’s very rare that he’ll take me to the movies.  He’ll make exceptions for movies about hobbits.  But no hobbits?  Then no Darling Husband.  When we first got married I would whine and beg and cajole the poor man into going to the movies with me, but he’d be so miserable it ruined the movie.

My usual movie-buddy is my mother-in-law (Mom.)  She didn’t want to see The Avengers, so it was either go alone, or drop so many hints to Scott and Kevin that they would invite me to tag along with them.

A number of months ago I made a point of watching all the movies leading up to the Avengers: Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man (I and II), Thor.  I also saw Green Lantern, but it turns out he’s not an avenger.  Oops.

In The Avengers, there were lots and lots and lots and lots of fight scenes.  And very little blood.  And no one even got a bruise.  You know you’re a super hero when you fight  40-foot armored flying crayfish from outer space and don’t even get a bruise.

Kevin fell asleep in the middle of the movie and I debated whether or not to wake him up.  But since he has a newborn at home, I thought it was best to let him take his $6.50 nap.  $6.50 is pretty cheap for a nap when you’re sleep deprived.  He really ought to read my blog posts about napping in the car.  I have extra earplugs if he needs them.

The movie had very little plot.  I’m guessing they figure that if you want plot, you’ll watch the movies leading up to it.  This movie was all about tossing the characters together and letting them beat each other up. When they were done that, they beat up the bad guys and the 40-foot armored flying crayfish from outer space.

At least there were no embarrassing kissy-kissy scenes.  That might have been a little awkward watching with my guy friends.  It’s bad enough when there are kissy-kissy scenes when I’m with Darling Husband’s mom.

And I was happy that we got to stay to the end of the credits.  I always stay for all of the credits. Well, every now and then I show mercy on Mom and we leave before the credits are done, but I prefer to sit through the whole thing.  First, it’s relaxing, and second, every once in a while it pays off and there’s another scene after the credits.  The Avengers had a final scene after the credits.  The best post-credit scene that I’ve seen was at the end of Napolean Dynamite.

The Avengers was very, very loud.  I got a headache from it.  I don’t often get headaches, but when I do, they’re often caused by loud noises. I usually have my earplugs with me everywhere I go, but I was carrying a backpack instead of my normal tote bag, so, no earplugs.  Too many people wear/wore headphones/earbuds when they were young/now.  With my canny earplug-wearing foresight, one day the entire world will be deaf except for me, and then I will rule the planet.

I think I would be a benevolent ruler.  I wouldn’t make people kneel to me, like Loki did.  And I certainly wouldn’t cut out anyone’s eyeballs.  That’s just gross.  And I’ll never get a job that requires a retinal scan.  Ever.


I started reading Alex’s user manual.  Check out this safety warning on page ii:

You’ll have to click on this to read it.

I wonder exactly how many complaints they got that caused them to add that to the user manual’s Safety page?  If I was goofy enough to poke myself in the eye, I wouldn’t tell anyone.


*My opinion is that she sent him to the tiger.  But I also think he would have known that about her and he would have opened the other door.

And just for fun, here’s the sequel.   I think it was the lady who smiled.


11 thoughts on “Beefy Man Pictures, Don’t Poke Your Own Eye Out, and What’s This Button Do?

  1. See what I mean about Nikon manuals. They are enough to drive you crazy, or crazier, or Frazier, which ever your Kindle Fire wants.

    • I prefer Frazier. My first crush was named Frazier. I lived in England and Frazier had a flat face and he was lovely and I loved him. I might have tried to kiss him, but I’m not sure. It’s all a blur.

  2. A couple months ago, I chuckled when I read that warning in my manual, but I did make a mental note about it. I may or may not have gotten super glue in my eye once…ya just can’t be too careful with eye balls. 😉

      • The dvd that came w/ it? I watched that. I’ve been thinking of getting one of the books. Or maybe we should just ask Scott…it sounds like he figured a few things out about your Nikon yesterday. I think he secretly wants one. 😉
        I haven’t been able to give my neglected camera any attention lately.

  3. I went to the Avengers yesterday too!!! I really liked as well, but I also got a really bad head ache 😦 I have chronic tension head aches every day but this one was very bad, I don’t know if it was necessarily from the movie or not but I suppose loud noises don’t really help do they? Ugh, oh well for often I got to movies I guess that’s a risk you have to take 😉

    • I think it was the non-stop noise. Really, was there a single scene that didn’t have an explosion or a lot of thumping noises?

      The loudest movie that I ever went to see was Mama Mia. Every time someone sang, all the speakers were at full volume. It was physically painful. That’s the day I started carrying earplugs with me at all times, because fingers in my ears just wasn’t cutting it.

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