I Need Alone Time with My New Man and I’ll Pop Your Little Heads Off


This is not Dave.

This is Alex.

Once we set eyes on him, we knew he wasn’t a Dave-pshaw!  He was clearly an Alex.  Clarisse took the above picture of him.  What great lighting, huh?  He’s lounging on a piece of cheap posterboard in the backyard in the shade.  Before I ever went to PhotoClub, when my only camera was little Daisy Mae, I discovered that taking pictures of people outside in the shade often produces lovely lighting.  Not too harsh, not too dark.  Try it next time you want a nice picture of someone outside.

I had to get up at 7:00 today (I know!  Pity me.  7:00 is abominably early) so that I would be ready when the UPS truck came.  Gathered up the kid’s school stuff and taught them on the couch all day.  They found it immensely funny to yell, “Is that the truck!?” every ten minutes.  I had to threaten to pop their little heads off if they said it one more time.
I have no idea why, but they love it when I make threats to pop their little heads off.  I guess they think I won’t really pop their little heads off.  I remember when one of them wouldn’t come inside.  A neighbor kid was standing there listening while I told the boy, “I guess if you won’t come in that you’ll just have to live in the yard.  You can use grass clippings for your bed and we’ll toss biscuits at you through the window for food.  When it rains, we’ll throw you a bar of soap for your shower.”  My boy thought it was great, but the neighbor kid just rolled her eyes and walked away.  Yeah…we don’t hang out with that neighbor kid.  No sense of humor and no imagination.

Back to the story.  Taught the kids, made lunch.

At about 1:30, I was just sitting down to eat my leftover bean enchilada, when Boy7 said breathlessly, “It’s here!!!”  And coming up the walkway was our UPS lady with a box!  She’s very strong.  You ought to see her arms.  Wait…I have a picture of the back of her.

UPS truck outside my house

I didn’t want to ask for her picture, so once we saw the truck through the window, I grabbed Clarisse and managed to get a shot as she walked away.  She’s very fast, you have to be quick if you want to catch the lithe UPS delivery person in action.

I opened the box, started charging the battery and posted the UPS truck picture on Facebook.  Sat down to eat my lukewarm lunch.

But then; a phone call.  Which resulted in an hour-long round trip to pick up the boys’ friend.  But first, I scarfed down my cold bean enchilada.

And then, once home, even though the battery was charged, I did not play with Alex.  Instead I tidied the house superfast because guests were coming to dinner.

Chopped the veggies and got the minestrone soup going and the garlic bread ready for the broiler.

And then, Gerhard stopped by to see Alex.

And then, less than a minute after Gerhard left, Darling Husband got home.

And then, 15 minutes later, Vince and Gail and their 55 children arrived.

They left some of the kids at home.

They let me take pictures, but I still don’t know where half the buttons and settings are on this thing, and I really couldn’t ignore them while I read the manual. I tried to ignore them, but they kept talking to me.  So rude.

And then, after they left, I tidied the guest-dirt while Darling Husband did the dishes.

And then, talked with Darling Husband about how to enclose a back room, because the guy who encloses rooms is going to stop by tomorrow while I’m out.

And then, had to make up an extra bed on the floor for the boys’ overnight guest.

And then, had to make a lunch for tomorrow’s outing and figure out how I’m going to carry Alex, Clarisse, my lunch and whatever else I need.

And then…blog.

Basically, I had about 3 minutes alone with Alex today.

But it was enough.  I’m in love.


2 thoughts on “I Need Alone Time with My New Man and I’ll Pop Your Little Heads Off

  1. My favorite kind of lighting, believe it or not, is when its sort of over cast and rainy like when it’s just about to rain or has just finished raining. I have taken some of what I consider my best pictures in those settings, it’s just personal preference I suppose – because I was out in the sun today and took some nice shots too, but I love the moody hues that come out when it’s over cast, at least out here in the prairies some of the colours in the skies can really pop, and you can get really nice contrasts and dramatic effects, I just love it. Alex looks lovely, have fun exploring all of his lovely new features!

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