Kris’ Cat is Going Bald and I Think I Cowed the Rain God

I’m starting to understand why people prayed to rain gods in times past.

As most of you know, it rains, sleets, snows or is monstrously hot every time I go grocery shopping.  This was true for about 5 months in a row.  It was insane and people were starting to give me a wide berth and make signs against evil whenever I walked past them in the village square.

Then, suddenly, it stopped.  For the past two weeks, we’ve had lovely weather on Grocery Shopping Day.  I thought the curse was broken.

But now I’m not so sure.

Today was Grocery Shopping Day, and the weather was fine.  A bit muggy, but no rain–until the moment that I set foot outside the grocery store with my cartful of groceries.   As I walked to the car, drops of rain began falling on my head.

It got worse during the 20 minute drive home.  I had to use the windshield wipers, and not on intermittent!

But as soon as I got home…it stopped.  I’m not sure if this means that I won, or if this means the weather is toying with me, letting me know, “I can make it rain on you anytime I want.  Don’t mess with me!”


Soup Day.  I announced to my Soup Day friends that Dave will be arriving on Friday.  Here’s a link to see what Dave looks like.    Isn’t he dreamy?

Although my Soup Day friends know that once Dave arrives they’ll be subjected to more awkward portrait taking than ever, they still managed to look happy for me.  We’re asking Traci to make us a ‘Welcome Home, Dave’ cake for the next Soup Day.

Come to think of it, perhaps they weren’t really sharing my joy, as much as enjoying the thought of eating a Traci Cake.

No, no.  They really were happy for me.  They understand the love we hold for our little electronic friends.  Here’s a picture of some of the silent, yet dedicated members of Soup Day:

These little beauties sit on the dining room table ever at the ready to answer calls, send texts and look up wonky veterinarian advice for us.  Kris’ cat is going bald.  One website suggested we pray to the rain god as a cure.  No, not really.  I’m making that up.  It actually said to do a bloodletting and then tie a frog on the cat’s tail to balance out the humors.


365 pages down, 788 to go

Why is it that every time I go to Sonic after Soup Day so that the boys can spend their allowance money on half-price slushies, that it takes them a good 15 minutes to make the slushies, except for the one day I have a book that I really, really, really want to read?  The slushies were at the car in under a minute flat.  Not fair!  How’s a girl supposed to get in her reading with ridiculous service like that?  I’m going to write a strongly worded letter to the manager about this outrage.

I used to read about 2-3 books a week.  I was the dorky student who when the professor told us to pick a book from among six to read and then critique it in an essay, I read all six books on the list and then picked which one to write the essay about.  But that’s all slowed down considerably since I started taking a picture of the day and blogging about it.  I got The Stand on Saturday, and could easily have been done by today.  Now I won’t be done until Sunday or even Monday!  A travesty!

There are only so many hobbies a person can have before something has to give.  Photography, blogging, sleeping, tv watching, reading…  One of them’s got to go.  I guess there’ll be no sleeping for me this week.


Movie watched while washing the dishes (because we spent the dishwasher money on Dave):  The Man from Earth.

It’s about a man who was born in cave man times and never died.  For some inexplicable reason, he decides to tell a group of people the truth about who he is.

The script is cheesy, motivations are non-existent, the pacing is wrong, and the background music is highly distracting.

But I can’t stop watching.  I must know how it ends.  My plan is to make a big fancy dinner tomorrow so that I have plenty of dishes to wash so I can finish the movie in one sitting (standing.)


6 thoughts on “Kris’ Cat is Going Bald and I Think I Cowed the Rain God

  1. Is that a coin I see on the book? Is that your bookmark? I’m always intrigued by the many odd things people (including me) use as bookmarks. I’ve been known to take the the hair tie out of my hair and use it as a marker in a pinch.

    • A hair tie! Clever!

      My dad always folded over the edge of the page he was on. I tend to use scraps of paper from the recycling pile. My current bookmark is the library receipt. Sometimes I just memorize the page number I’m on.

      Do you ever use a real bookmark? Every now and then someone buys me a nice bookmark, but I lose them every single time. I have no idea where they go. The house isn’t that big, and I keep it tidy for the most part.

      The quarter is a way to mark how far down in the book I am, just to have something to take a picture of for the Picture of the Day. It’s been a slow week for Pictures of the Day. The day is half over and nothing’s happened so far. No clue what I’ll have to drum up to write about tonight.

      • I have bookmarks aplenty, but have no clue where they are. Maybe our bookmarks are in the same place as the missing socks. 🙂

    • I do try to bundle my hobbies. Like tv watching while washing dishes, book reading while dressing and fixing my hair, picture taking everywhere, blogging while reading homeschooling websites. But you can’t really do anything while sleeping. Such a shame.

      If I had a superpower, though, it would be that I wouldn’t need to sleep. Or maybe an hour at night and that’s all.

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