It’s on it’s way, It’s on it’s way, Happy Dance, It’s on it’s way!

Darling Husband came home today and started researching warranties for the camera I want while I cooked dinner (stroganoff).  He spent a happy hour online muttering to himself.  He always mutters when he’s thinking.  “Mutter mutter.”  “What did you say?”  “What?  Oh, nothing.” He doesn’t even realize he’s muttering.

He continued to mutter and research while we ate.

And then the researching was done.  We knew which camera, which warranty, and which website to purchase it from.

And then he just sat there.

And sat there.

And I said, “Well?  Are you going to order it?  Do you want me to order it?”

“No, no.  I’ll order it.”

And still, he sat there.

I asked, “Is there a reason you’re waiting?  Do you want to look for it somewhere else?”

“No, no.”

After about a half hour of sitting there, reading emails and whatnot, he got the credit card and began ordering the camera.  And then he paused, staring at the screen, with his finger hovering over the mouse…sitting perfectly still.

And if there’s anything unnatural, it’s Darling Husband sitting still.  He’s always fidgeting or muttering or something.

“Is there a problem?”

He looked startled.  “No.  No.  Are you sure you want this camera?  Are you really, really sure?

“Yes!  I’m sure!”

“Because I’ve got forty-four years of thriftiness to overcome to spend this much money on a (gulp) hobby…You have to be sure you want this.”

He eventually did push the button with only a single pained whimper.  And he even paid extra so it should get here by Friday.

I’m not always altogether sure why, but he clearly loves me.

Order Confirmation


247 pages down, 906 to go.

The Blog is short tonight.  I’m too hooked on this book to spend time writing.  It’s The Stand, for those of you who didn’t read Saturday’s blog.


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