I’m Big, The Book is Big, and The Moon is Big

Slept in until a sensible 9:00 this morning.  Got up, brushed teeth, weighed myself.  The verdict: Do not eat chipped beef gravy on homefries for breakfast, quarter pounders with fries and sweet tea for lunch, and spring rolls with shrimp fried rice with more sweet tea for dinner all in the same day.  ‘Nuff said.

Later I got a call from the library saying that the book I ordered was in, but I couldn’t remember what I’d ordered.  The weather was nice and Boy7 was antsy, so I said, “How about we walk to the library to get my book?”  Because, after all, how big can one book be?

Pretty big!  Egads!  I must have ordered the biggest book the library has.  Had to lug the thing home two whole blocks!  Two whole blocks!  I had to roll it the last few feet up the driveway.  It got away from me at one point and almost rolled over Boy7.  Here’s a picture.  In case you can’t tell, that’s a quarter next to the book.  It’s over 1,000 pages!


It’s The Stand by Stephen King.  Every single time I read an introduction to some other book, the author refers to The Stand somewhere in their introduction.  Well, maybe not every introduction, but enough to make me sit up and take notice.  Decided to finally read the thing once and for all.

Went to another kid birthday party today.  No one puked.  There were  a few kids wearing pinatas on their heads, but other than that, it was pretty tame.

At the party I drank too much caffeinated sweet tea so I’m shaky and hyper right now.  (Hyper, hyper!)  As usual, whenever I get hyper, Darling Husband gets calm, a rarity for him.  He’s sitting next to me quietly looking up new camera information for me and finding rebates.  Because if there are rebates to be had, Darling Husband will find them.

In about thirty minutes I’m heading out with Melissa and Kevin to take pictures of the moon.  The position of the moon relative to the earth will make this the biggest appearing moon since 1992, so we’re going to try to take pictures of it in Gettysburg. If you read this in time, go out and take a look at it.  Moonrise is a little after 7:50, at the horizon.

If I get a decent shot, I’ll add it in later.  If not, I’m done the blog for the evening.


4 thoughts on “I’m Big, The Book is Big, and The Moon is Big

  1. I’ve seen the movie of “The Stand” it was quite long so I’m not surprised the book is over 1,000 pages 😉 that just reminds me of making my reading list for this spring and summer – I left War and Peace off because that book is “way too long” but I put Joyce’s Ulysses on it – I was not too pleased when I discovered it’s just a few pages shy of a thousand itself, oh well! My goal was to read some great pieces of classic literature so that’s what I get! I hope you enjoy The Stand, one of my cousins really liked it when we were kids – it’s not my cup of tea as far of genres go but he one of the better writers of our time so I think you’ll be in for an adventure!

    • I never read War and Peace, but I did read Anna Karenina. And I’m surprised to realize I’ve never read anything by James Joyce. I hope you make it through. Let me know if it’s any good.

      I haven’t seen the movie The Stand and haven’t read very much Stephen King, so we’ll see what happens. I keep bumping into people who refer to it, and other authors refer to it, and movies refer to it. I’d like to be on the inside of the joke.

      • I haven’t read any Stephen King either (I’ve just seen a bunch of his movies te he!) but I keep hearing he is one of our better authors so hopefully it’s a good read 😉 I will be sure to post a review of Ulysses once I get through it! How was Anna Kareninna?

      • I’ll probably end up writing about what I think of the book in a day or two, so I’ll give you my opinion on King when I write about it (if I do.)

        Anna Kareninna–I read it sooooo long ago, I don’t really remember it. I do know that I enjoyed it at the time, but I can’t remember why.

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