Stringy, Smokey Men Like To Flirt with Me

I got up at 6:00 today.  In the morning!  In the morning!  Gak!

Mom was coming to take Boy7 for the day so that Boy9 could take his achievement test in peace and quiet.  I thought the test would be ready at 8:00, but turns out it wouldn’t be ready until after 9:30, so Mom invited us all to breakfast.

But the boys were being little monsters and I didn’t want to have to eat with them.  Look at them:

I did my best to pawn both kids off on Mom for breakfast, “Don’t you want alone time with your grandchildren?”  Blink-blink, innocent.  But the boys were wrestling with each other on the lawn and hooting like monkeys and she just raised an eyebrow at me.  I sighed, grabbed my jacket and we all went out to breakfast.

At least I got my chipped beef gravy on homefries.

After breakfast, Boy7 gleefully skipped off for Mom-mom’s House of Wii Games and Endless M&Ms (she buys the dark chocolate ones solely because they’re anti-oxidant rich.  I am not kidding.) and I took Boy9 for a walk.  He needed his exercise before sitting for the test.

Well, that’s what I told him, but really I just wanted to take pictures.

You can see Boy7 and me reflected in this motorcycle that lives across the street from me.  As usual, I’m standing in the road to take the picture.

Then, Boy9 took the first half of the test.

During a break from the test, Boy9 ate a Cadbury egg.  He wanted me to take this picture of him karate chopping the egg in half:

And this one:

At lunchtime we walked to McDonald’s, because I only feed my child the best and most nutritious food on a test day.   On the way back, we saw this car, and I couldn’t resist another reflective picture.

But then, some creepy man tried to flirt with me about the car.  He was fifty-ish and stringy and smoking a cigarette.  We edged away and he stared at us until we turned a corner.  That sort of thing makes me paranoid.  I made sure he didn’t follow us around the corner.  If he did, we’d have had to take evasive maneuvers.

I seem to be attractive to 50-ish year old men who are stringy and smoke and like cars.  The last time I was flirted with was in the automotive section at Walmart, when another 50-ish stringy, smokey man started chatting and wouldn’t leave me alone.  Walmart Automotive Man even touched my hand.  Bold!

When we got home I ate my very first quarter pounder.  It looked good in the picture at McDonalds.  Didn’t look so good in my picture at home:

It was ok, but I only like scrawny hamburgers.  I’ll stick with Burger King’s Junior Whopper.

After lunch, Boy9 finished the test and I took him to Mom-Mom’s House of Wii Games and Endless M&Ms and headed back home.

On the way home I saw these geese and goslings and pulled over to the side of the road to take their picture.  I stayed in the car this time, so I wouldn’t have to stand in the middle of the road.

This evening, we went to some sort of Light Saber Training Day at the York Emporium in York.  (May the Fourth be with you.) Boy9’s friend, Leia, was there.  She’s laughing because Boy9 is behind me being goofy.

Here they are waiting for their training to begin.  The kids had the Best Time Ever.  It was worth the 2 hour round trip and the shrimp fried rice we were forced to eat for dinner.

The inside of the Emporium was wondrous.  I could have stayed in there taking pictures for hours and hours and hours.  There were thousands of books and it smelled musty.  Musty!  It was heaven.

The Emporium had this old Chia head there from Germany.  I thought Gerhard might like to see it, so I took a picture.  It’s dated from somewhere between 1890 and the end of WWII.





8 thoughts on “Stringy, Smokey Men Like To Flirt with Me

  1. I hope your children appreciate how awesome you are – not just everyone gets to go to Light Saber Training Day! It makes me happier just knowing such a thing exists 🙂

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