Karma Strikes Again: I Was The Rotten Friend Today.

Mom came by and said, “I want to take the kids to GameStop to exchange some games.”   Woot!  One whole hour in the house All By Myself!   But then Mom said, “After GameStop, I’d like to take the boys to my house.”  Woot, woot!  Two whole hours in the house All By Myself!  And then she said, ““I’ll keep them late so you and Darling Husband can go out to dinner.”  Yippee!  Free Li’s Buffet for dinner with my ‘buy nine, get one free’ card.

Wanted a picture of the day at Li’s Buffet, but I’m getting tired of taking the same old shot of my food.  I’ve taken all the obvious pictures, like of the buffet table, Jin, light fixtures, etc.  What is something clever to take a picture of, that looks like a Chinese restaurant?

Here’s the picture I ended up taking:

I’m pointing the camera at a window with etchings on it, which is showing a reflection of Darling Husband and me and a second window.  I love how I got Darling Husband eating with the chopsticks with the bit of food on the end.

To get the shot, I had to stare down the guy who was sitting in front of one of the windows, blocking my shot, and wait for him to move.  “C’mon!  You want ice cream, you know you do!  Get up!

Once he was out of the way, I propped myself up on my leg on the chair, camera at the ready, teetering, looking like a loon, and waited for people at the buffet table to move out of the shot.  When they did: snap, snap, snap!  I’m very happy with the results.


I brought a board game with me to the restaurant for Darling Husband and me to play.  I miss playing board games.  Unfortunately, even though I had two sets of visitors this weekend, we never got around to playing board games.  When I said, “Hey, let’s play a game!” they demurred and I didn’t press the issue.  I should have.  I am an only child, after all.  Only children are supposed to have amazing super-hero powers of self-centeredness, unmatched in people with siblings.  I should have used my super-hero powers to force them to my game-playing will.

At the restaurant, Darling Husband didn’t say anything about the board game, but sneakily distracted me by saying, “So…if you did get a new camera, what would you want to get?”  Oooo.  I get all shivery when he sweet talks me like that.  We spent a happy half hour looking up cameras on Stella (the iPad) and ran out of time for a game.

All in all, it was a lovely evening.  Until we got home.  At home, there was a message from Vince on the answering machine.  “Umm….we were supposed to meet tonight, but I guess you forgot.  I’m sitting outside your house right now, looking tragic and pathetic.  You probably found new friends, like last time, and forgot all about me.  It’s ok.  I’ll carry on.”  Cringe.  Ahhh!  Sorry, Vince!


5 thoughts on “Karma Strikes Again: I Was The Rotten Friend Today.

  1. I like the photo as well. One of the first things I noticed was Darling Husband and the chopsticks; great positioning in the frame.

    Some friends don’t like to play games with you, because they know how upset you get when you lose.

    • Who could blame me, when you’re such a bad winner? The obnoxious little dance you do, the songs of praise for your game playing abilities you force us to sing, how you make us refer to you as “O, Lord of the Games” for the rest of the evening? You’re out of control.

  2. I agree, that photo is really nice. And you should try making a night, once a month, where you get to play those board games! Make it a family night, or an adult dinner party. Invite new friends if you have to, I’m sure someone out there wants to play.

      • You’re welcome! As someone who loves board games, I’m surprised you -haven’t- already started a special night. Making snacks and maybe having some drinks will make it more fun for the people not as game driven. You could even rotate who’s house it’s held at.

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