18 Cents Buys You Ramen Noodles, Dean’s A Radio Hog, and My Eyes Only Come with a Wide Angle Lens

Pretty mundane day today.  Mom took us out to lunch at Pizza Hut’s new location in Hanover.  After lunch, we stopped at the GameStop because Mom wanted to buy the boys a new Wii game for the Wii that she bought to entice children into her house.

Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet

Pre-Industrial Revolution, if you wanted to entice children into your home, you had to bake your entire house out of gingerbread.  We have it soooo easy nowadays.  In third world countries, they still have to bake their houses out of gingerbread.  I know.  It makes you think, huh?  The same way it makes you think when they tell you that if you make more than 18 cents a day, you’re one of the top 3 billion richest people in the world.  Really?  I’m one of the top 3 billion richest people?  Staggering!  I wonder if they take into account cost of living with those stats?   For example, in Botswana, $1.50 can buy you a house with a three car garage and your own personal shuttle to the moon, so that kind of deflates the whole, “I make more than 18 cents a day” guilt trip.

Back to my day:  Going to GameStop drives me a little nuts.  Everyone waffles.  “Let’s get this game.” “No, no! Let’s get this game!”  “But what about this one?”  It’s endless.  The boys waffle, Mom waffles.  I tell everyone, “Just pick one already,” but no one listens to me.   They waffle, waffle, waffle.

I can’t stand waffling.  I dumped a boyfriend because he waffled.  Yeah, he was also gay, but it was the waffling that did us in.  I just couldn’t stay with a man who waffled.  He was intelligent, hilarious, one of the flat-out nicest people you’ll ever meet and would swing dance with me in the living room.  But he waffled.  We were doomed.

I should have known he was gay.  The signs were all there.  For example, he loved show tunes.  I know it’s a cliché, but he did.   And his favorite movie at the time was The Little Mermaid.  We would watch it and sing along to all the songs.  His favorite song was “Part of your World”.

Come to think of it, at that same time I had a coworker named Dean who loved The Little Mermaid, too.  We carpooled to work a few times and he had The Little Mermaid soundtrack and would sing along to it, just like my boyfriend.  His favorite song was “Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Dean was a total radio hog and wouldn’t let me pick any of the music.  His second favorite song was Cher’s version of The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in his Kiss.)  He forced me to learn all the words so that I could sing along with him.  If I got it wrong he’d say petulantly, “No!  Do it again!” and start the song over.  He was the only one allowed to sing the lead and I was stuck singing the backup Shoop Shoop part and the questions, “Is it in his eyes?”  Then, he’d squinch up his face and shake his finger at me when he sang, “And you’re not listening to all I say…”  He was so obnoxious about it.

Wait…it just dawned on me!  The Little Mermaid?  Cher?  Oh my goodness!  Dean was gay, too!!

What were we talking about?

Oh yes: my day.  Well, nothing else much happened after GameStop.  The boys went to Mom’s House of Wii Games and Endless M&Ms and I went home to figure out what books I’ll need to buy for next year’s homeschooling.  For those in the area, the MACHE curriculum fair will be at the Frederick Fairgrounds this Friday night and Saturday.  No shipping and handling if you buy them at the fair.

Just don’t let me catch you waffling over which math curriculum to buy.


You know you take too many pictures when you’re trying to read small print on a book cover across the room and you reach up to adjust the zoom on your eyes.

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