Boy7 was only Mostly Dead and Eye Patches are Cool

Remember those kids I babysat a few days ago?  As they were leaving, Boy7 got into a fight with Boy9 and barricaded himself in the bathroom.  He refused to speak to anyone and sat there fuming.

I’m not sure exactly how to handle situations like this.  The kid is in the bathroom, angry as a wasp, and refusing to say goodbye.  What is The Mom supposed to do?  Let the child mope and barricade himself in the bathroom and be rude?  Insist that he say good bye to his friends?  This is when you think, “Gee, I wish I had some sort of child psychologist nearby to ask for help on how to handle this.”

Right.  The woman whose kids I was babysitting?  Yup.  Child psychologist.  Why is it when the child psychologist is standing right there in your hallway looking back and forth from you to the barricaded bathroom door that you don’t think to ask for advice?  Sigh.  Missed opportunity, yet again.

Anyway, she called yesterday and left this message on my answering machine,  “Hi.  Um.  When Boy7 didn’t say goodbye, Girl3 thought that it was because he died.  Can you have him call us so that I can prove to her that he didn’t die?  She’s been pretty upset….”

Apparently, Girl3 witnessed Boy9 stabing Boy7 with a lightsaber in the chest during their argument, and she thought the wound was fatal.  Hey, lightsaber wounds to the chest generally are.

And this is why when we were at a yard sale today and Darling Husband and the boys saw a Samurai Sword set that they wanted to buy, I said, “No!”

No!  I am not going to buy my 7 and 9 year old boys samurai swords to play with.  Yes, the edges were blunted, but the tips were sharp enough to poke a brother’s eye and then pull it out of the socket like getting an olive out of a jar with a steak knife.  They all said, “Oh, that won’t happen!” Oh no?  Am I the only one in this family with any imagination?!  Because I’m thinking that if you give two boys a samurai sword each, they’re gonna fight with them.

Just like Darling Husband and his brother did when their (childless) uncle gave them samurai swords when they were kids.

Look at Darling Husband’s samurai sword from when he was a kid.  I can assure you, it didn’t have those dings in it when Uncle Bob gave it to him.

Ding! Ding!

Bent metal. Bent metal, people!!

Oh, and get this:  Later we were at GameStop letting the boys spend their allowance money.  Boy7 realized he’d saved up enough money to get a 3DS, which plays games in 3D.  But Darling Husband said, “No.  The warning on these things says that if you’re 6 and under, playing a 3DS can cause eye damage.  You’re too close to 6.  We don’t want to damage your eyes.”  We don’t want to damage your eyes??

Darling Husband just read that last paragraph over my shoulder and said, “No, you don’t understand.  If you play the 3DS and get blurry vision, you have to wear glasses and get teased at school.  But if your eye gets poked out, you get to wear an eye patch and that’s cool!


We were in Hanover today and we got hungry.

There we were, at A.C.Moore and we got hungry.

And you know what’s in the next parking lot over from A.C.Moore, don’t you?

Lu’s Habachi Grill.  A Chinese buffet, and it’s not Li’s Buffet.

We’ve been avoiding going to Lu’s.  We are die-hard Li’s Buffet fans, not Lu’s Buffet fans.  Going to Lu’s feels disloyal.  But we were hungry and Li’s was a half hour away and we still had more errands to run in Hanover….

…so we went.

Now, first thing I’d like to say is that we got all European and actually walked from A.C. Moore to Lu’s.  Walked!  Americans do not walk from one shopping center to the next.  It’s Just Not Done.  But we did it.  We’re rebels like that.

Here’s a picture to show you how far away we were:

Not far at all.

It’s silly to jump in a car to move it from one shopping center to the next when they’re less than a city block from each other.  Unless you’re going to be buying bagsful of heavy things, just walk.  It’s good for you, trust me.

How did we like Lu’s?  Well, the décor was nice, but the food is better at Li’s.  Sorry, it just is.  That’s why we like Li’s so much.  They’re the best.

And Lu’s had tvs, which is bad-bad-bad.  Personal pet peeve: tvs in restaurants.      When you’re out with people, then be out with people.  I guess I’m just old-fashioned like that.

6 thoughts on “Boy7 was only Mostly Dead and Eye Patches are Cool

  1. I love walking! I have to make a point of taking my car out once a week just so it doesn’t get all decrepit from sitting too long, especially in the winter – because this past winter I was busy walking every where and I let it sit for a month and then the battery froze 😦 so one $100 new battery later I have learned my lesson about letting the car sit too long without using it! But you are so right about driving every where, that is a very North American thing – our culture is definitely geared more towards driving than walking.

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