I Love This Woman, Crayfish are Scary, and I Married the Class Clown

Took the kids to the local park today with the homeschool group.   I was hoping while we were there to find something educational to look at in nature.

But I didn’t have to.

Shortly after we arrived, a man and woman came roaring up to the park on their motorcycle.  Nothing wrong with that.  My first date with Darling Husband involved a motorcycle ride.

They jumped off and headed into the park at a brisk walk. Very intense.  There’s a stagnant creek and shallow pond in the middle of the park.  Without warning, the woman flung herself into the pond, getting her jeans all wet, groped through the mossy stagnant goop at the top of the pond, grabbed hold of a snapping turtle and lofted him into the air.

And then, with her other hand, she reached in again and pulled out a water snake!

What a woman!  She was amazing!  I love her!

She allowed the children to gather around her as she told them all sorts of facts about turtles and snakes.  She held the snake’s neck and stretched it out so we could all get a pet.

Clarisse and Me, petting the sweetie-pie snake.

After she told the kids how very, very dangerous snikes are and only trained professionals, like her, should pick them up in the wild, she released the animals back into the pond.  I’m pretty sure she called them “lit’le beauties” in her thick Australian accent.  Then, she and her man hopped back on the bike and roared away.

Ok, she didn’t really have a thick Australian accent and call them “snikes,'” but she might as well have.  She was the female version of the crocodile hunter.


Whenever kids go to the park, they have fun tormenting the poor crayfish that live in the murky water.  They catch them in buckets, pick them up, then release them back into the water.  Well, not my kids.  My kids are a little wimpy about it, and that’s ok with me!

But this kid picked up a crayfish and we learned that crayfish carry their eggs around with them, as you can see from this lovely picture.  (Shudder.)


My favorite plants were at the park and I attempted taking pictures of them again this year.  I tried last year and failed to capture the look I wanted from them, and hoped that this year I knew enough about photography to get the shot I wanted.

First was a close up of the little flowers that grow under these things.

Then I tried to show how tall they grow.  They’re kind of short with big leaves, and they remind me of umbrellas.  They look great in nature, but not in this picture.

And here I’m lying in the dirt and gravel of the pathway to get a shot from down low.

I don’t feel that I captured exactly what I’m looking for, and they’ll be gone in a few weeks.  I might head out there and try again this weekend.  Before the snow comes.   Yes, you read that right.  Snow.

It’s 11:46 and there are so many clever and witty things I want to add to this, but, alas, there is no time.  Quick check for grammatical errors, come up with a title and hit publish.  Hate running out of time!  Was out until after 10:00 this evening at a get-together with the church board members and spouses to talk about the church and pray.  Those things are great, until about 3/4 of the way through when Darling Husband’s ADHD kicks into overdrive and he starts leaning over to me and cracking jokes.  And they’re funny. I end up getting the giggles and looking like a loon at the meetings, while he sits there looking innocent.  11:49!!!!!


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