Sheep Butts, Crunchy Frosting, and Lookin’ Fine in my New Jacket

Soup day today.  Every other week I get together with friends for lunch.  We eat soup and bread.  We’ve been doing this for about 5 years now, and we love it more than ever.

That looks gross.

What’s the blob of brown in the picture?  It looks gross.

Barbetta gave me a slice of homemade German Chocolate Cake.  When she found out that my idea of German Chocolate cake was a Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix with the canned frosting, she was aghast.  So when she made a homemade German Chocolate cake for her Easter guests, she saved me a piece.  Unfortunately, she’s working on getting her nurse practitioner degree and was studying while she made the frosting.   Her studying went great.  The frosting, not so much.  It turned out crunchy.  And the slice got a little mashed in the Tupperware container on the way to Soup Day.  Still, it was yummy.  I didn’t even offer anyone else a bite.

Everyone at Soup Day said they really, really, really want to go laser tagging with me for my 40th Birthday.  This is insane.  I thought that if anyone was going to pull me back from my mid-life crisis, it would be my sensible Soup Day friends.  But nope, they’re right in there with me.   Even Barbetta wants to go!  Barbetta!  For those who know Barbetta, that’s just bizarre.  Or else, laser tag is just that fun.

After Soup Day I went to five different pharmacies looking for my Nasalcrom.  Four of them didn’t carry it at all, and one was sold out.  The 5th store was Target and through some unseen alien force, I found myself looking at the rack of half-price winter clothes.  Really, it wasn’t my fault.  And the jacket fit me perfectly.  Honestly, no one could have resisted.  (Wow, I look good in this jacket.)

The thing I love about Target is the silence.  No music, no tv screens.  I was the only person in the dressing room trying on clothes, and the sound of myself chewing gum in the silence was so obnoxious that I had to throw it out.  Target is a blessed refuge in a world of noise.

Purdy flowers

Passed some pretty tulips and took their picture.  I’m very pleased with this picture because it was crazy-windy today.  Wind wind wind.  The tulips were blowing all around, but the picture didn’t turn out blurry.  Good job, Clarisse!

Then I tried to get a picture of some sheep.  Turns out this isn’t as easy as I’d hoped.  First of all, the pictures turned out very, very boring.  I’m going to have to figure out how to make the shots more interesting.  Maybe figure out a way to get a different angle?  Or a close up?  It’s a shame they turned out so blah, because in real life, these sheep in their field are beautiful.

Run away!

Second of all, sheep are, apparently, very shy.  As soon as I popped out of the car, they started sneaking away from me.  By the time I’d been there for five minutes, the entire flock had oozed through a fence to get farther away from me.  (My new favorite word is oozed.  This is the fourth time I’ve used it in the blog.  Expect to see it more often.)  Their shyness will make getting a closeup a challenge.  The only thing I managed to get a close up of was their butts.

Keep running!

There was a horse in the field with the sheep that obligingly looked at me, so I got its picture, just because.

An obliging horse

Other than that, I’m still feeling blech from allergies, so I’m off to stare at handsome Juan and then go to sleep.


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