Do Not Leap Over the Snake Pit of Death

Nephew is visiting for the week during his spring break.

This afternoon we went to Gettysburg so that the kids could clamber all over the rocks on Little Round Top and Devil’s Den and put in a valiant effort towards dashing their hard heads on the rocks below.  Somehow they managed to remain uninjured, but not for want of trying.  Their antics shaved a good decade off my life.

We overheard two young men having the following conversation:

YoungMan15*:  Think I can make it?!  (as he stands in a lunging position, ready to fling himself from one boulder to the next overtop of a 40 foot deep crevice with a snake pit at the bottom.)

YoungMan17:  No!  Are you an idiot?!  Look at where you’d end up if you miss!  (Pointing at the King Cobra, hissing below.)

I was liking YoungMan17.  What a sensible young man.

(*Ages are an estimate.)

Near the end of the heart-stopping rock climbing ordeal, when my nerves were frayed beyond repair, I gave up trying to keep tabs on the kids and completely ignored them as they wandered farther and farther away across the boulders into the woods and snake dens.  I spent the time playing with Clarisse.

For this picture, I’m at Devil’s Den looking up at Little Round Top.  At the top of Little Round Top, there’s a monument with a carving of a Civil War Dude.  It’s brass and the guy has a big nose.  Over the years, everyone has rubbed this guy’s nose so much that his nose is nice and shiny.  The camera is fully zoomed on this monument.

Digital Zoooooooom

Here it is again, with a little less zoom, so you can start to get a feel for how far away I was.

Little less zoom. But just a little.

Ok.  And now you can see how far away I was.  See what a great zoom Clarisse has?

Ooo. So far away.

Nope.  Just kidding. This is how far away I was.  Now, do you see what a great zoom Clarisse has?  I love her.  She’s such a good camera.  I gave her an extra helping of dessert for being such a good camera.

Oooooo! That's some awesome zoom!

On top of Little Round Top was a re-enactor in his uniform.  Fortunately I had not only Clarisse, but also my tripod and I got a picture of all of us with him.

He handed me a card and asked if I would forward the picture to him because he’s keeping a scrapbook of himself in his costume.  So, I asked him if I could take more pictures of him and he let me.  Here are a few:


I took a bunch more pictures and played with them a lot (black and white, sepia, “old timey” treatments) but it’s late and I want to get this posted before midnight.


Dinner:  Li’s Buffet.  I’m picky.  Boy9 is picky.  Boy7 is picky.  Nephew is picky.  And we’re all picky about different things.  Hence, Li’s Buffet.


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