Peep Show Picture Revealed

Last year some friends invited my family to The Peep Show.

The Peep Show is an art exhibition where all of the art is made out of marshmallow peeps.  Here’s a link to it with examples of the art.   We had a great time looking at the displays, eating peeps on the way home, and entertaining ourselves by coming up with ideas for entries of our own for next year.

Sadly, I think I’m the only one who actually followed through with a Peep Work of Art and I doubt I’d have created one if I hadn’t discovered photography.  I positively detest arts and crafts.  Photography doesn’t count.  It’s in its own league.  A league that doesn’t involve picking up tiny little things and arranging them in painstaking detail.  Only crazy people enjoy doing stuff like that.

The boys helped me come up with my peep idea while we were grocery shopping.  I had a general idea, and asked them for help brainstorming.  They immediately came up with a blood-thirsty and somewhat cannibalistic idea.

And it was great!  I loved it!  I could totally pull it off!  We went looking for frying pan props right there in the store.

I told Darling Husband the idea with great enthusiasm and waited for his equally enthusiastic reaction.  Didn’t get it.  He gave me a frowny face and said, “Uh…I thought the show was supposed to be family friendly?”

My parade officially rained on, I had to go back to the drawing board and tone down the idea.  Nix on the blood-thirsty, cannibalistic peep.

The frustrating thing about my photographic entry is that people will probably look at my picture and think, “Oh, she just took a picture.  That’s easy.  Anyone can snap a picture.”


What they don’t know is that I had to hit up my friends for toy trucks, bumped my head in the attic getting out the toy animals, bought two frying pans, had to wait for a day with appropriate cloud cover, but it wasn’t happening, took the pictures outside in the burning sun, got completely sweaty, started getting a sunburn, and scraped my knuckles.

Then I had to use all my shaky knowledge of photography to get my camera settings correct, tweak the settings to create different looks, and take pictures from above, below, level, from the right, from the left, and so forth.

The first round of pictures took an hour, and my peep kept falling over in the wind and the money almost blew away, and I got marshmallow all over everything.

After I took the pictures, I sent them to two different people: One who would give me honest feedback about the content of the picture, and one who would give me honest feedback about the photographic execution of the picture.  They gave me their honest opinions, which meant I had to head back outside for another grueling hour of work in the hot sun to fix the problems with the original shots.

Oh, and I scared the neighbors too, by soldier crawling around the yard with the camera, picking up tiny little things and arranging them in painstaking detail and having general hissy fits whenever the peeps fell over and the money blew away and my camera settings weren’t right.

In the end, one of the pictures turned out perfect.

Well, except for how it now needed editing and a border and a caption that I didn’t know how to do.  More hours of work on the computer by myself, playing with the colors and cloning away the big wad of marshmallow that shouldn’t have been in the shot, and hours with friends helping with the borders and caption.

Then, the whole printing and framing.

But finally!  After countless hours of work, money spent on frying pans and printing and frames, the picture for the Peep Show is done.

So, here it is:

Work of Peep Art, Framed


No, I’m not going to show it to you before the show!  I may never show it on here at all.

If you live in the area and want to have a chance to actually see it, you’ll have to come to the show and look for it.  I’m pretty confident that once you get there, you’ll be able to pick mine out.  It’s very “me.”

And if you do come to the show, buy some tokens and vote for my picture.  The entry guidelines for the Peep Show vaguely mention an award.  Apparently, they don’t want to paint themselves in a corner by announcing what the actual awards are, but I’m sure they’re Major Awards.   Hopefully not private arts and crafts lessons.