Is This How Everyone’s Mother-In-Law Makes Plans? Or Just Mine?

Went out to the movies with Mom today.  This is a picture of Mom in the theater.  No one else there!  Don’t you love when that happens?  (You’ll have to click on the pictures to actually see Mom.)

And this is a picture of us both.  I set the timer for 10 seconds and booked it to my seat with 3 seconds to spare.  Run, run, run, flop into seat, bright toothy smile (bing!), click.  Ran up and down the steps three times to get the best shot.

Gasp for air, smile for camera.

Making plans with Mom is an event in itself.   It usually extends over the course of many days and is an intricate dance, like the dance of honey bees.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Mom wants to do something.  Like go to a movie.

Step 2:  Mom researches how to get this done.

When/where is it playing?  Hanover 4:35.

Who will watch the kids while we jet-set to the movies?  Dad, but not until 4:00.  We’ll barely make it in time.

Step 3:  Call me with the plan.  Tell me to re-research the plan and fact check the theater/time.

Step 4:  I check the facts.  Usually I only pretend to check.  But I didn’t want to go to Hanover.  The theater there is too crowded and the bathrooms aren’t as nice.  The same movie is playing in Gettysburg at 4:50.  This will give us 15 extra minutes to get there, no crowd, and better bathrooms.

Clearly a better plan.

Step 5:  Deep breath and call Mom with the alternate plan.  Sound cheery so that she’ll agree to it before she thinks about it too much.

Step 6:  Confuse Mom by spouting out the different times and different theaters back to back until we’re both in a muddle of :35’s and :50’s and which theater had which.

Mom is unconvinced about the new plan, because “it’ll be so late when it’s done.”  “Only 15 minutes later…”  But this seems to be a deal breaker.  Hang up.

Step 7:  Keep the phone nearby because within 10 minutes there will be a call back.

Step 8:  Five minutes later:  Ring!  “Hi Mom.”  “Hi.  How about if we go tomorrow?  Or maybe to an earlier show today?”

Explain, as usual, that that won’t work.  I planned my week around this and this is the only day/time available.

Mom keeps trying to find a date/time when we’re both free, but there are no date/times when we’re both free except for today at 4:00.

Mom says, “Well, how about we just to go the 4:50 show at Gettysburg.”


Last step:  Adhere to plan, being sure to call mom when I’m on the way to her house, so she doesn’t worry that we forgot the plan.

You may think this is a long and involved process, and it is.  But it’s our long and involved process.  You just have to know the steps to the dance.  And yes, twenty years ago this process used to leave me curled up in the corner banging my head on the wall between the phone calls, but as time passes you soften a little.  I feel almost affectionate towards the process.


Gorgeous clouds today.  Spectacular.

Of course, Melissa had to go and ruin my little cloud project.  My project has been to wait for a day with beautiful clouds, hop in the car, and find farms and fields to photograph with the clouds as a backdrop.

But last time Melissa gave me free lessons on Photoshop Elements she pointed out, “You don’t have to do that.  Save a few pictures of clouds and then use Elements to add them to your other pictures in the future.”

That took the wind out of my sails.

Soooo, here’s my first picture of clouds that I’ll save and add to another picture one day.



Still, the day was beautiful, so on the way home from Mom’s house, I pulled over to the side of the road and got a bunch of pictures with the clouds for fun.  Here’s one.

Purdy flowers.

And here’s another one.  This one is missing something.  It needs a cow or a horse or an alien–something.   Even though it’s a boring picture, I spent too much time messing with it in Elements not to post it.

Missing something.


Movie watched in the theater:  This Means War.  We liked it.  The men were pretty and they’re not married to any of my friends.


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