The Daffodils are Put to Work and Zany Photography Humor

f 4, iso 3200, 1/800 sec, no flash

This picture was taken at Photo Club today. We were told to bring a prop.  I brought a prop…or two…or thirty.  Defensively:  I brought enough to share, in case someone didn’t know to bring a prop.  And yes, the Photo Club people thought that was funny for some reason.  “You were supposed to bring A prop.  Not a whole garden.”  Snicker, snicker.

Our assignment:

Must be in aperture priority setting

Manipulate whatever you can in aperture priority setting, making sure that no matter what else you change, the shutter speed never goes slower than 1/125

Move your prop to different settings in the Atrium to see what you need to change in order to keep that shutter speed at 1/125 in differing light conditions.  (ISO, exposure, aperture, flash)

Everything was fine until one pesky member of the Photo Club thought it was really funny to stand behind you and wait until you’d set up your camera for the shot, and then jump into your sunlight the moment you took the picture, then jump back out before you realized it, so that the picture turned out too shadowy, but you couldn’t figure out why.

Photography humor.  Soooooo funny.


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