Don’t You Be Looking at My Man, Tap Dancing, and a Mutiny

First, shew!  (Wipe of brow.)  After I posted the story about Andrew yesterday I went to bed, and then laid there thinking, “Huh.  Maybe Mary won’t really appreciate that story about her husband.  Gee, maybe I shouldn’t have posted that…”  But Mary loved the story and didn’t come over to beat me up today.  She even shared it on Facebook, so everything’s cool.  What a relief!  You can see her comment about it on yesterday’s blog.

Today, Mom took the kids and me to see a play on a stage.  The play was Jonah, based on the book of the bible named…uh…Jonah.  Jonah is the one who gets gobbled up by a big fish, but lives in the fish for three days until he’s spit out.  They did an awesome job with the big fish prop.  Very clever.

The stage is huuuuuge and the sets are crazy-elaborate. I love their sets.  They use real animals in the plays.  Geese and skunks and zebras and horses and camels.  I’m not sure exactly why there were skunks and zebras in the middle east, but whatever…  Other than the singing, the boys loved it.  They got a little tired with all the singing.  And there was no tap dancing, so I was a little disappointed.  Yes, I know there’s no tap dancing in the middle east either, but if they can have zebras, why not tap dancing?

Oh wait!  I never told you guys about all the tap dancing at the Celtic (hard C) Woman concert, did I?  There was tap dancing!  I love tap dancing!  Everything should have tap dancing in it.  Everybody loves tap dancing.

Ok, where was I?  Tap dancing…boys bored with the singing…


So, my kids loved the play, but were “meh” about the singing.  Maybe most kids are like that.  Or maybe it just runs in the family.  I still don’t like listening to singing.  I only like it if I can sing along.  Listening is boring.  Singing along is fun.

Dramatization of watching the play.

The picture of the day is of the stage from our seats and here’s another picture of me and Boy6 watching the play.  We’re not really watching, it’s yet another dramatization.  I’m doing the old hold-the-camera-in-your-extended-arm trick.  That trick is ok, but it’s hard to keep the camera still while you press the button with your arm outstretched, so I set the camera on a 2-second timer.  Hit the button, hold the arm steady…click.

For fun, here’s a picture of Boy9 looking miserable at having his picture taken.  There are only so many pictures that a boy can be expected to endure in a single day.  He’d reached his limit.  Here he is hiding behind the sweatshirts and a column in the gift shop.  I’m pretty sure Mom was hiding behind the sweatshirts, too.  She’s also reached her limit.

Mutinous child.


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