Dropping In Uninvited

About two weeks ago, a friend dropped in for an unexpected visit in the middle of the day.  I was with the boys at the roller skating rink, but Darling Husband was home when the guest arrived.  Darling Husband was positively delighted with the Drop In and I was disappointed that I’d missed it.  A Drop In is such a rare event.

The last time someone Dropped In was about 5 years ago.  A friend was heading from one place to the next and had about 15 minutes to kill between places, so she Dropped In.  I was thrilled that she felt comfortable enough in our friendship that she would stop by unannounced.  I invited her in, offered her a drink and settled down to chat for a few minutes.  But she was too nervous about Dropping In uninvited and sat on the edge of the couch apologizing for the entire 15 minutes.  Nothing I said would convince her that I was happy to see her.

I wish people would Drop In more often.  No…wait.  There was one almost Drop In that would have been very unwelcomed.  On my wedding day, after Darling Husband and I left the church, there were wedding presents that were left behind.  An unnamed someone said, “Gee, maybe I should drop these gifts off at their apartment tonight.”  No.  No.  Do not Drop In on someone on their wedding night.  Bad idea.

Darling Husband was so delighted and inspired by the Drop In of two weeks ago that he wants to start Dropping In on all our friends to see who is appreciative of the Drop In, and who isn’t.  He’s been talking about it for two weeks.

We started with Gerhard and Janet.  We’d intended to go for a nice long walk this evening, but only made it to the end of our street where Gerhard and Janet live.  Darling Husband said, “Now’s our chance!  Let’s Drop In!”  In the picture, Darling Husband is at their door, Dropping In.  Thankfully, they were as delighted with our Drop In as we had been two weeks ago with our other friend.  We had a lovely chat and watched a little bit of Jeopardy together.  So far, so good!

Who will be next?  It could be you…


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