Water at PhotoClub and Men at Work

Water in Jug

It’s late. Midnight.  I’ll have to be brief.  No time to edit the pictures, other than for size and maybe a little for exposure.

Ok–quick.  (Deep breath.)

At Photoclub our assignment was to come up with a project.  This could be just for the day, or for a longer stretch of time.  The project was to come up with a theme or object and take pictures of it in many settings.  (A theme could be “love” and find pictures that mean “love” to you.)

I didn’t come up with anything clever (because I’m already doing an ongoing project of taking pictures of big skies with clouds)  So, I took pictures of all the water I could find in the church.
The above pic was very very dull, until I used the flashlight to illuminate the water.  I had to stand on a chair, hold the camera above my head with my right hand and stretch my left arm as far as I could with the flashlight to get the light juuuust right.  I’m seriously considering weight lifting for all the arm work involved in photography.


I know who cleans the church, and she missed a leaf.  I’ll tell her about it at Soup Day.  (Grin!)

Hot chocolate has water in it.

Bummed a dollar off Wendy to buy hot chocolate for this shot of the hot chocolate coming out of the machine.

Juuuust fits.

Kevin suggested that I use this smaller cup (versus the large cup that’s supposed to be used for the machine) so that there would be more of the flowing hot chocolate in the picture. I think he was secretly hoping the cup would overflow, just for all the action and exclamation a bunch of spilled hot chocolate would create, but no such luck.  It fit into the cup perfectly.

Water is prettier than hot chocolate.

After I bummed the dollar, I realized you could hit the button for free hot water.  So I did, and I think the water is prettier than the chocolate.

Water Fountain

Doesn’t really need an explanation, other than I am so pleased with myself over this shot.  I monkeyed around with the shutter speed and captured the water in mid-flight, showing the breaks in the water.  This picture explains why people get water all over themselves at water fountains.  Apparently, it doesn’t all come out in a nice even flow.  It comes out in spurs, which makes you move to accommodate…and you end up with a wet shirt.

Toilets have water. It's clean!

Not as exciting as I’d hoped, but hey–it’s water.

Water faucets have water, too.

Not exciting either, but, water.

Scott dusts. Bryan does laundry.

After Photoclub Scott came for a visit.  For 12 hours.  Waaay over the 5 hour mark.  And if you’re in the house longer than 5 hours, you cook and clean.  He’s tall.  He fixed the fairy lights on the books for us (they were falling off the books) and while he was there, he dusted.  Later he dusted the ceilings around the living room and dining room.  And got the cobwebs off the dining room chandelier. See Darling Husband in the background?  He’s doing the laundry.

Scott makes homemade bread. Bryan does dishes.

Scott brought the recipe for his family’s homemade bread and made it for us.  Darling Husband is washing the dishes.  I think they’re singing a duet in this shot.  Scott is wearing the apron.

Boy9 was away with a friend, so Scott played the Gamecube with lonely Boy6.

Boy9 was away for part of the day and Boy6 needed company, so Scott played a Lego Star Wars game with him on the game cube.  The window was creating a glare on Juan, so Scott put up a sheet over the curtain rod.  It must be nice to be tall.  When I try to put the sheet over the curtain rod, it usually ends in a pulled muscle somewhere.

Board game with everyone (except Boy9, who was still out.)

And then I begged them to play board games with me.  So they did.  In fact, Scott played all 5 (I think it was 5) games that I bought for Christmas ’10, that no one has played with me (except for the kids, every once in awhile.)  I’ve been wanting a real live grownup (and not a 6 yo) to play with me.  But that was dumb, because out of the 6 rounds of games we played, Scott won 5.  Apparently playing with nothing but 6 and 9 yo’s makes you lose your edge.  SIgh.  But, honestly, I didn’t care.  I was just glad to play.

Scott chops veggies for the salad. Bryan prepares the shrimp for the enchilladas.

Time for dinner.  Scott chopped the veggies (and the onions made him cry–again. ; He’s always stuck with the onions.  How does that keep happening??) and Darling Husband prepared the shrimp.

Scott spins plates while Bryan pulls the table cloth out from under the dishes.

They set the table.  If you look really closely, you can see some strings of cobwebs on the top of the chandelier.  Scott cleaned them off by the end of the day.

Me: "Lean in so I can get you in the picture." So they did.

The caption says it all.

Bryan washes. Scott dries.

Last bit of dishes.  We ended up making some cookies at 10:00, but I forgot to take pictures of those.  It’s 12:15 now.  I managed to get all the pictures posted before midnight (so the date stamp on the blog shows the proper date), and have added this commentary after 12:00.  It was cheating a little bit, but I kept to my goal.

Please forgive the spelling/grammatical errors.  It’s late!!