I Made the Baby Cry and Juan is Welcomed Home.

You make my baby cry? I make YOU cry!

Real, live, drippy tears

The baby is crying.  Why?  Why is the baby crying?

The baby is crying because I picked her up.  Sigh.  She used to love me.  In the past, sometimes she would want to be held and her Mommy might have to say, “Sweetie, I can’t hold you right now while I’m juggling these chainsaws.  You’ll have to wait a sec.”  And I would say, “I will hold you!”  I got to be the good guy.

And then we babysat her.  Back in January.  She had never been without her mother or father until we babysat her.  (Back in January.)  She was not happy about being away from her mother and father (Back in January).  I think I even blogged about it…yes I did!  Here’s the blog.  (From January)

We hadn’t seen her or her family since January, but tonight we met up with them at Li’s Buffet.  She took one look at us, and started fake crying.  She was remembering.  After a while, she stopped fake crying, so I tried to pick her up.

No more fake crying.  This time the tears were real.

I’m not the good guy anymore.  I’m the meanie who took her away from her Mommy and Daddy.  And she’s one smart baby.  We’ve thought so all along.  She’s like a Velociraptor.  Learning.  Testing.  Remembering.  We were pretty sure that at 3 months of age, she fully understood everything we were saying.  When you talk, she gives you a steady stare, learning, memorizing, calculating.  She’s got three older brothers, but we’re pretty sure she’ll be in charge of the entire house in under 2 years once she gets this walking/talking thing down.  She’s biding her time.  Planning her coup.

She already has her Daddy under her spell.  He turns into a giant marshmallow whenever she’s around.  He told us stories today about making grown men cry when he yelled at them in the military–three different times.  Grown men, crying, because Claude yelled at them.  Yikes!  One man even collapsed on the ground in some sort of emotional meltdown.  No joke.  He had to be put in the psychiatric hospital after Claude got through with him.  But get Claude around the baby, and he melts.  I’ve even heard baby talk when he thought no one was listening.


We bought a new TV today.  Poor Henry’s color had been getting more and more washed out.  Darling Husband started looking at TVs and dreaming about getting a new one.  I said, “Why would we buy a new TV when Henry works fine?  Color isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Some of the best movies ever were in black and white.”

Finally, to Darling Husband’s great joy, Henry died, and we were forced to buy a new TV:  Juan.

Juan is sleek and stylish, just like I knew he would be.  Darling Husband has fallen in love with him and has connected his laptop to Juan and is happily watching weather reports on the big screen.

I’m logging off now to gaze at Juan for a few minutes before I head to bed.