Let me Nap in Peace!

The 2nd most exciting thing that happened today was that the library called to say “an item you have requested has arrived.”  Of course, they just had to call 10 and a half minutes into my 20 minute nap to tell me this.  Grrrrr!

My nap was the 1st most exciting thing to happen today.

Today is the 59th Picture of the Day I’ve posted on this blog.  I’ve written 58 very lovely posts this year, but tonight I’m going to take a mini break from writing.  My little typing fingers are tired and would rather laze around getting covered with Dorito cheese, and who am I to deny them a little break every now and then?  Bring on the Doritos!

Instead, I’ll direct you to this guy’s blog about passing out Halloween candy.  I promise its lots funnier than anything I can come up with right now.  I wish I could take credit for writing something as funny as his Halloween candy story.


And, hey–no mean comments about Rosie.  She’s a little sensitive.  Yes, she’s old and big and wire-y, but she gets reliable reception and has a neck rest so you can handwash all your dishes and talk on the phone at the same time.  She’s part of the family.

And she’s still reeling from the blow that Henry died yesterday.  We’ve had Henry for 18 years.  We’ll miss him.  Rest in Peace, Henry.  We loved to watch our favorite shows on you, and you couldn’t help it that you took up so much room on the TV stand.  You were just stout.  That’s how they were made in the early 90’s.  I think our new TV will be named Juan.  He’ll be thin and sleek and have a sexy accent.

(Stop it, stop it!  I keep editing the post to add more.  Stop.  I’m going to bed and getting some proper rest now.  With earplugs.  No more editing.  Good-bye.)


Star Trek Stats:

Vulcan death grips: 2

Attack cats: 1

Women in shiny purple costumes: 1


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