Wild and Crazy Night on the Town

Went to see The Artist with Janet tonight.  Loved it.  Love-love-loved it.  All movies should end with a tap dancing sequence.   Everybody loves tap dancing.  I’d go to movies with more tap dancing in them, wouldn’t you?

You’d think that a black and white silent film would be boring, but it wasn’t.  I mean, we all know that Shaun the Sheep is excellent and there’s no talking in that, so why not The Artist?  (I love Shaun the Sheep. See this clip.)

We were at The Majestic Theater in Gettysburg which is where the artsy-fartsy stuff is done in Gettysburg.  The stadium seating there is horrifying.  I managed to climb to the top row in an attempt to take a picture of the projector machine.  Once I was there, I made the mistake of looking down.  (Whatever you do, don’t look down!).  My knees buckled from the vertigo. That’s some serious stadium seating.  The seats were so steep that they were leaning over the other seats.  It was like an MC Escher* painting.  I froze at the top and Janet almost had to call the fire department. I’m pretty sure they don’t rescue women frozen on the top level of stadium seating, much the same way they don’t rescue cats from trees anymore.

Speaking of being afraid of heights, my favorite Mr. Bean episode is the one where he gets on the high dive and then loses his nerve.  Rowan Atkinson is very famous.  I know this because his name is in my spell checker.  Wouldn’t it be cool to be so famous that your name is in spell check??  Or to have an action figure made of you.  The best reason for being famous is for the action figures.  And the money.  And the special treatment in restaurants.   And the professionally photo-shopped pictures of you that make you look gorgeous, even if you’re not.  Here’s the Mr. Bean Swimming Pool clip.

At The Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, you don’t get that nasty, bad-for-you popcorn.  No, no.  Not at The Majestic.  The Majestic popcorn is delicious and nutritious.

Janet and I had fun looking at the works of art on display in the lobby and we took pictures of the way the lights reflect in our eyes in the bathroom.    By 9:30, the movie was done and pretty much all of Gettysburg was shutting down.  A crazy night on the town!



MC Escher:  Look at this guys’ photographs.  At the bottom of his website click on “go to portfolio,” then click on a picture and use the arrow keys to see the next picture.   Isn’t he amazing?  Sigh.  I think I have a crush on him.  That sort of photography would be fun to do.  Not this ghastly portrait taking.  Portrait taking is so yucky.  You have to interact with people and try to make them relaxed so they don’t give you the crazy-eye smile.  *shudder*


Boy6 saw my Belgium chocolates and asked if he could have some.  I told him that I didn’t think he’d like them.  “Why?  What do they taste like?”  “Boiled okra.”


Star Trek Stats:

Oompa Loompa wigs: 1

Vulcan Death Grips: 2

Women in shiny gold suits: 1

Gladiator fights: 3

Insult from McCoy to Spock: “You pointy-eared hobgoblin.”


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