Carnival Food is Good, Gerhard is Funny, and My House is Windy

Went to Casa Rico with Gerhard and Janet for Gerhard’s birthday dinner.  Casa Rico is a Mexican restaurant, but they also offer Indian food.  This is a picture of my Mixed Pakodas.  Basically, they’re breaded deep-fried vegetables, like you get at the carnival. And since carnival food is awesome, (funnel cakes, candied apples, cotton candy, kettle corn) you know they were good.

Yes,  it’s a boring picture, but I was focused on the conversation, and not the photography.  Conversations with Gerhard and Janet are the best.  The kids went to Grandma’s house instead of to dinner with us and they were disappointed.  “But we wanted to hear Mr. Gerhard’s stories!”  And no wonder:  Last week before Photo Club he told me awesome stories about his 80 year old mother and the meth lab.

Today he told us about taking a swimming class at UMBC in the 60’s.  No swimsuits allowed.  You had to swim naked.  It was the 60’s.  ‘Nuff said.

On the drive home, the wind was gusting and blowing the car around, which got me to thinking about the wind patterns in my playroom.

See, while I write the blog, I have a portable heater on in the room.  This heater to be exact.

Let’s read some of the specs:

Reg. Price: $472.00

Sale Price: $297.00

First of all, it’s $300, so you know we didn’t buy it.  The heater belongs to Darling Husband’s parents and I have no idea how it got into my house, but the thing works, so I don’t ask too many questions.  Here’s why—look at this next spec:

Elec Thermo: Range 50 to 90 Degrees

Ninety degrees, people!  It’s sitting here now, not 2 inches from me, burning a hole through the legs of my jeans.  It’s heaven.  (Isn’t heaven the hot one?)

Next spec:

Heats Up To 1000 Square Feet

This room is about 500 square feet.  The heater is pumping out 90 degree heat, designed for a room twice its size.  Does it get any better than this?

Next spec:

Watts: 1483

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  1483 watts?!  Is that like having a 1483 watt lightbulb?!  What’s that doing to my electric bill??  Darling Husband has been wondering why the electric bill has been so high lately, and has been throwing around accusations with wild abandon: “Are you telling me you leave the fridge on all day??”

Poor Darling Husband.  He hates being too hot.  He used to watch Ice Road Truckers with naked longing in his eyes.

But, Darling Husband wants to be near me in the evening (awww).  So while I write the blog, basking in my heat, he languishes across the room, sweating, downing glass after glass of ice water, splashing the dregs on his face.  One night, I said, “What’s that smell?  It smells like hotdogs.”  And Darling Husband replied, “It’s probably your skin, cooking from the heater.”   I think he was right.

When the door to the playroom is opened, it forms a frontal boundary (cold air mass meets warm air mass).  The cold air slips under the hot air and creates wind in the house.

Oh, you think I’m exaggerating.  I am not.  Really.  I am not.  When that door opens, a steady wind blows in from the open door.  It’ll blow for a good 5 minutes before the temperatures even out.

Homeschoolers have to be inventive.  It’s tough to get access to science equipment.  At the end of the year, when I show the school district our homeschooling portfolio,I can include a picture of the children standing in the playroom doorway, their long hair blowing in the wind, with the caption, “Field trip: Tornado chasing.”


Star Trek Stat:

Red Shirt death tally: 1


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