The Ghastly Hanover Library

This is a picture at the Hanover Library.  It’s a beautiful library.  Stained glass windows.  Silent-as-a-tomb magazine section.  Private rooms.  Elevators.  Children’s storytime where the parents are not allowed in the storytime room.  Which means a full half hour alone in the library, free to pet the stacks of books in silence without interruption.  It was an unhappy day when my kids outgrew storytime.

Great library, but I hate it.  Yes, I love it, but I hate it, too.

They only let you keep books for 2 hours before they’re due.  The late fee is $80 per day per book.  If your husband puts a book on hold, they will not let you pick it up without his card, no matter how much you beg and plead and tell them that you’re not some crazed ex-wife with a diabolical plan involving stealing his library books to run up huge late fees for him.

I’ve gotten spoiled at my local library, where they know my name and are always glad I came and renew my books for years on end (that’ll be due March 6, 2053) and waive fees whenever they’re in an especially good mood.  And they laugh at my dorky jokes, because they’re dorky, too.  We’re all a bunch of library nerds and it’s a happy, happy safe place.


Meyers Briggs Personality Assessment.  Darling Husband and I are the same personality.  We’re ENTJs.

Here’s some more information about our personality:

“When challenged, the ENTJ may by reflex become argumentative.”  No we don’t.

Ok.  Yes we do.  Darling Husband will argue anything.  Anything.  For no reason at all.  You can’t make small talk with him without him taking the opposite stance.  “Boy, it’s cold today.”  “Not really.  The record lows at this time of year are much colder, so relatively speaking, it’s warm today.”  Seriously.  I’ve had this conversation with him.

He never even remembers what he’s argued for in the past.  I catch him all the time arguing for an issue one day and then arguing against it the next day.  When I call him on it, he looks delighted.  “Oh yeah!  You’re right!  I did argue for it yesterday!  Ha!”  Doesn’t faze him.  It’s a matter of pride.  He can argue any point and convince you of it, even if he doesn’t believe it himself.  He likes to say, “If I can convince you of something I don’t even believe, then I know I’ve made a good argument.”

Of course, when I say “argue” I don’t mean having a fight.  An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition, as explained in this skit:  Monty Python Argument Clinic.


Song stuck in my head for the past 2 days:  That’s All, by Genesis.  I dare you to listen to it.  Please.  That’s the only way to exorcise a song from your head: pass it on to someone else.


8 thoughts on “The Ghastly Hanover Library

  1. I completely agree with you! (I am obviously not an ENTJ)
    The limit the Hanover library put on us really bothered me. It is impossible to be finished with our books that quickly!
    One day, I tried to use my teacher card to check out a book that was on clothes or fashion or something non-teachy. I thought the librarian would have a heart attack. She insisted I dig out my non-teacher card.
    Just today, I stopped by the local library to pick up an item on hold for my daughter. I arrived 4 minutes after their closing time… I saw them inside so I tapped on the door. They let me in, smiling- saying it was no problem. I checked the cd out (without my daughter’s card) and the door locked behind me when I left.

    • I think we’ve lived the same life! They never ask me for my card at my library, and they’ve opened the doors after hours for me, too.
      I often leave the Hanover library with a headache because they do something to make me so angry. Their rules are just so strict. I want to love this library, but I just can’t.

      • Our library is small, but does open till 2 PM several days of the week. I would love to have more reasonable hours. I prefer to go to the library before school has ended for the day. It’s never fun to pack our entire man herd into the car only to discover looking through a locked entrance. Our nerdy excitement thwarted by our inability to plan.
        .Hanover library makes me sneeze more than most libraries. The silence is broken by my horrific allergy attacks. I think people get frightened they may catch the plague and flee for thier lives. No one likes sharing a book with a sneezer!

      • It makes you sneeze? I wonder why? It’s mostly brand new, so the books haven’t had time to get too dusty.

        I worked with a woman who never, ever used the library. She would get all her books from thrift stores, because she figured thrift store books had sat around longer and all the germs would have died on them. But library books constantly had fresh germs being added to them from all the germy, sneezy library patrons.

  2. I have to say, in terms of the rules I am thrilled with my current library. In cleveland it was something like a dollar a day for a movie and here it’s only 25 cents! It’s occasionally gotten to the point where I can’t renew a book any more and I just keep it for a few more days, because at that price, it’s still way better than buying it or waiting on it. Plus, as much as I use the library, I figure I owe them some money!

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