I Almost Got Kicked Out of Photo Club Today

I went to Photo Club today. Somebody please save me from Photo Club! Apparently if you want free lessons on photography, you have to be willing to endure endless mockery when you post hideous snapshots of wedding rings on your blog for all the world to see. Including the other members of Photo Club.

I knew when I posted those wedding ring pictures (couple of days ago) that they were ghastly. I was hoping the other members of Photo Club wouldn’t notice.

What makes the mockery worse is that yesterday I had messaged Scott (the leader of photo club) telling him that I felt my photography skills were slipping, and asked him to come up with something clever for us to do at photo club so I could get back up to speed.

So today, after gleefully mocking my wedding ring pictures and threatening to throw me out of Photo Club for posting them, he gave me an assignment: re-take the wedding ring pictures and do it right this time.

(A side note: For those who might be concerned–they were not seriously mocking me. They knew that I knew the pictures were bad. Really, I can take a joke.)

Below are my pictures, sort of. Usually it goes down like this:

I get an assignment from Scott. I wander off, pretending to try to do the assignment. After a few minutes, I’ll actually make a real stab at the assignment, but it falls a little flat. This nettles Scott so much that he’ll come over, make one genius suggestion (“move the camera to the right two millimeters”), and voila! A gorgeous picture! How does he do that?! It’s magic. I’m awed.

So, in a way these are my pictures, but in a way they’re a group effort because I took some ideas from Scott and some from G (another member of Photo Club.)

In this one, Scott suggested I take the picture on a reflective surface, like this marble countertop:

On the marble counter top is a bowl with decorative glass acorns. G was using them in his pictures and so I used them in mine, too. The acorns propped up the rings so you can see under the diamond (where all the soap scum used to be.)

This one was all mine. On the wall is a clock with Roman Numerals for the numbers. The number VI is upside down, so I put the rings on the inverted V for the different textures of metal:

(Wow! Look at all the soap scum still stuck to the sides of the rings! Ewww!)

Here’s where we popped into the car and took a drive to a cavern to take the pictures of the rings:

No, not really. The rocks are part of a column. It was Scott’s idea to put the rings between the rocks in the column. (Here’s a picture of the column if you’re curious. It’s the only picture I have of the columns.)

This last picture is really all Scott’s, but he let me push the button on the camera. He envisioned the picture in his mind, situated the cross where he wanted it, monkeyed with my tripod (which is a challenge) came up with the camera angle, and held the flashlight to create the cross-shaped shadow. But when it was time to take the picture he said, “No, it’s your picture. You push the button.”

So here is Scott’s picture, but it’s on my camera:

Another awesome Saturday at Photo Club.


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