Watching TV and Eating Chocolates is Good for Me

Here is a picture of what I wanted to eat (the chocolates) versus what I actually ate (the strawberries.)

How did I score that big box of chocolates?


Ah, Raymond!

Now there’s a fine young man for you.

Raymond is seven years old and is a student in my art class at the homeschool co-op.  Here he is making a spear out of paper and scotch tape.

The touching thing is that there are no grades in the art class, so it’s not even like he was trying to bribe me for an A++++, a la Ralphie in “A Christmas Story.”  His mother said that she gave him X amount of dollars for Valentine’s Day presents for his teachers and he set aside extra money to give me that big, honkin’ box of chocolates.  No one else got a big, honkin’ box of chocolates!

A big, honkin’ box of chocolates whose warning label reads that there might be nuts in the chocolates.

Aw, too bad, allergic Darling Husband and Boy9.  Too bad, so sad.  They’re only safe for Boy6 and me to eat.  And I can take on Boy6.  He’s short.  I’ll just hold the box above his head while I eat them all.

Just not today.  Why, oh why did I pick this week to be the week that I cut out all the sugar and bad stuff that I love so much?

I’m trying very hard to break my sugar addiction.  It got out of hand in December, and I still don’t have it under control.  So, today I ate the sour winter strawberries instead of the decadent chocolates.

Other than depriving myself of sanity saving sugar, I went to the co-op’s Valentine’s Day party and taught my art class.

Look at these little boxes I made out of construction paper and scotch tape…at the last minute…after we arrived…because I was totally unprepared…  We were supposed to bring something for the kids to put their Valentines into.

That’s about the pinnacle of my crafting ability.  You should have seen Wendy’s face the day I tried to scrapbook with her.  H-oy boy!  She’ll never ask me to do that again!  She let me use the cutting thing that makes perfect little circles and asked me to glue the smaller circles inside the bigger circles and then stamp a letter in the middle of the smaller circle.  How could I mess that up?

By gluing the circles together off center.  By stamping the letters lopsided.  By choosing bizarre color combinations of circles.  Her little circles were charming.  Mine were disturbing.

What else have I tried?  Oh yeah!  Jewelry making!  I spent almost 2 hours at A.C.Moore picking out little beads and hooks and things to make jewelry, sorted them out, found a little pattern, and about 15 seconds into the actual making of the jewelry, I hated it.  Haaaaated it.  My back started to ache.

I’ve found that when I hate something, my back aches.  Here are the things that I’ve attempted that give me a back ache:

Gardening, scrapbooking, jewelry making, cake decorating, flower arranging, sketching, painting, sewing, dish washing.

You ever heard of the book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” ?  It’s about figuring out the emotional roots of physical pain.

I’ve gotten real good at listening to my body.  It sends a nice, clear message about the roots to my pain.  My body tells me that cleaning out the attic is bad, but watching tv is good.  I don’t ever get a back ache when I watch tv.

And if I can watch TV with a big, honkin’ box of chocolates?  Bonus points.


I talked a little bit about ketchup in yesterday’s blog and the author of the blog “The Ketchup Chronicles” liked it.  There is a blog about everything.  Even ketchup.


P.S.  And I just haaave to show everyone the paper Tardis that Kayla made for me.  I’m going to hang it from the mirror in my car.  I love it!  Also–see the heart shaped box of Darth Vader gummies?   It reads, “You will be my Valentine.”

I’m so spoiled.


6 thoughts on “Watching TV and Eating Chocolates is Good for Me

  1. In my book, dark chocolate doesn’t count as sugar.

    Another thought: if you ever run into a problem of where to put Valentines,
    a 2-lb empty box of See’s Chocolates works.

    Best to you,

  2. Your last minute Valentine boxes worked! They were red ( a wonderful choice in Valentine colors) and they held the Valentines. Perfect! You don’t give yourself enough credit.
    Also, I only wish you could have seen Raymond picking out those chocolates for you. It was darling. He had in mind what he wanted to get and by golly, he got it. He really loves being in your class.

    • When he gave me the box, I thought that it was a gift from your entire family, as a “thank you for teaching” and everyone got one.

      It wasn’t until after we talked that I realized they were just from him. I’m going to get him a thank you card and will save a few chocolates to share with him.

      He’s a lot of fun in the class. It was inevitable that when I handed them paper and tape and told them to make a 3-D object with it, Raymond made the weapon. He’s such a boy. 🙂

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