Boredom averted, The Swedish Chef, and Stinky Men

Oh, you slob!  Why don’t you do your dishes??  That’s just disgusting.  I’m never coming to your house for a dinner cooked in your filthy kitchen.

But I did do the dishes!  Honest!  Half of the dishes in this picture were washed in the dishwasher, but came out dirty!

Did you read that??  They came out dirty!

Nooooooooooo!  Something’s wrong with the dishwasher and I had to handwash them all!

But as you can see from the picture, I watched a few Twilight Zone episodes while I washed.  Whew!  That was close.  If I didn’t have that TV in there, I would have been bored.  And is there anything worse than being bored?  No.

Unless it’s getting obnoxious songs stuck in your head.

For example, today I’ve had “Like a Prayer” stuck in my brain all day long.

Why is it always songs like that?  Why can’t I get one of the songs known for their haunting beauty stuck in my head, like, “O, Danny Boy” or “Ava Maria”, or “O Holy Night?”

I tried to find a hauntingly lovely version of “O Danny Boy” and found this one instead.  It’s comedic genius.  (Those little turtlenecks really get to me.)

While we’re watching old Muppet Show clips, here’s my favorite Sesame Street clip.  Can you picture the bored-out-of-their-minds parents watching Sesame Street one evening, and then this comes on?  What a treat!  They should show this clip during PBS pledge week.  I’d send money.

And just for fun, here’s that horrible, hilarious version of O Holy Night.   It starts a little slow, but then gets better and better as the notes get higher and higher.


Along with Twilight Zone episodes, I finished watching “I Am Number Four”, which wasn’t exactly what I expected.  I didn’t know it was a teenager movie.  Whatever.  I’m not particularly picky about movies, so it was ok.

(Speaking of Whatever and Teenagers, here’s another song that gets stuck in my head more often than I’d like to admit.)

I started watching “Cowboys and Aliens” while making dinner, and that’s not what I expected either.  I knew it wasn’t a comedy, but I had hoped for a little  levity.  So far it’s just blood smeared on windows and lots of dusty men who look like they have some serious body odor issues.


Didn’t watch any Star Trek today, but when I called The Boy a “dear” he said, “I’m a boy, Jim, not a deer.”  Atta boy!


If you’re a serious-type person (and if you are, then what are you doing reading my blog?), then here’s a truly gorgeous version of O Danny Boy.

And a lovely version of Ave Maria


6 thoughts on “Boredom averted, The Swedish Chef, and Stinky Men

  1. I swear it’s the boro’s water that is hard on appliances. In the 8 years we lived there, we killed two dishwashers and a hot water heater. The water dispenser on the refrigerator wasn’t doing too well before we left either. Since we left the boro, we haven’t had another electronic dishwasher. Fortunately, I have two teenage model “dishwashers” to help out with it. Raymond even decided yesterday he was going to wash dishes. Our oldest was beside herself because she was afraid he was going to leave soap on the dishes. She was actually pacing the kitchen floor while he washed. He actually did a fantastic job.

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