Please Rent My Neighbor’s House (as long as I like you) and How to Obtain the Proper Dip-Veggie Ratio

Went to watch the Super Bowl with some friends tonight.  Not sure why.  Before going, I asked Darling Husband who was even playing and he said, “Well, the donuts at the grocery store had red and blue frosting on them, so I’m guessing they’re teams with red and blue colors.”

Ah, that clears that up.

Mostly I went to hang out with B.  I haven’t had a lot of time to talk with her one-on-one, so while everyone else was conveniently distracted by the game, I had my chance to chat with her.

Note the cleverly applied dip to S’s vegetables in the picture.  If you put dip on the veggies, instead of in a pile on the side of your plate, you get just the right amount of dip.  This works especially well for the cucumbers.  You know how slimy they are.  If you try to dip, the dip won’t stick to the cucumber, so you have to scoop, and you end up with too much dip.  But if you dollop some dip on each vegetable, there are no inequalities between dip and veggie.

(If you try to dip, the dip won’t stick….If only I had more time, I know I could rework that last paragraph into a Dr. Seuss like poem.)

Here’s a picture of my house as seen through my neighbor’s window.  He’s going to be renting out his house for about a year.  He let us look at it today so that we can tell people about it.  It’s very nice inside.  Light hard wood floors.  Anyone want to rent a house?  You’d have some lovely neighbors…

It’s a boring picture because I had to snap it reallyfast.  My neighbor doesn’t know about my picture of the day, and I didn’t feel like explaining it to him, so when he wasn’t looking, I snapped the picture.  (Don’t tell anyone from Photo Club, but I’m pretty sure I had it on the auto setting–I just didn’t have time to fumble with the manual settings and the dilithium crystals were running out of power, Captain.)

Keeping it short today.  Just got home a little bit ago and it’s already 11:30.  I have my own little personal goal of getting the picture of the day posted before midnight each night.

P.S.  Guys, I’m getting a bit upset.  The mice have had the medicine for 2 days now, but I found little Rose lying on her side looking pretty bad.   In fact, I kinda thought she was already gone, but she wasn’t.  I will never, ever get pets ever again.  (And yes, Kayla, she’s named after Rose.)


9 thoughts on “Please Rent My Neighbor’s House (as long as I like you) and How to Obtain the Proper Dip-Veggie Ratio

  1. Talk about dip.If we would get invited to a sat.nite movie nite,and I’m not saying by whom,we would bring the queso dip(both hot and mild)and the chips.I’m just saying.
    We bought our house on a recommendation from a couple from church,who lived a few houses down from you.So keep on talking it up.

  2. I have the same difficulty with pets. I look at people with dogs and think, “You’re getting all attached to that dog and one day its going to die.” I can’t help it. That’s what I think. I like my cats because they pretty much keep to themselves. We currently have 3 cats (I never asked for 3 cats at once and maybe I’ll explain myself later) and Linus is probably my all-time favorite cat. We got him on New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago and he has sunggled with me through some pretty tough times in the last two years. I realize I am dangerously in love with him. I say “dangerously” because I understand the potential heartache of him being gone. I feel for you, friend, with the whole mouse thing.

    • Yup–I think the same thing. I joke and tell the kids that our next pet will be one of those turtles that live 200 years (or however long they live) so it’ll outlive us.

  3. Oh, and the veggies and dip thing? I’m all over that, too. I pick up my veggies one at a time and dip each one before setting it on my plate. Cucumbers can be tricky. We usually leave some of the peel on them to hold the dip. Works great.

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