Invisible Friends, Chick Flicks, Red Sauce and White Shirts

No dead cats today. I promise.

Busy day.

The day started at 9:30 with Photo Club.  B finally showed up.  I am so glad she did.  Not only because I enjoy her company, but because the other members of Photo Club were starting to think I was making her up.  I kinda think they didn’t want her to come, just so they could continue to make fun of me about my invisible friends.

You can tell which one’s B because she has long hair.  It’s a good thing G cut his hippie hair a few years ago, or you might have been confused.

At Photo Club we were supposed to be taking pictures of things around the church.  I decided to take a picture of every cross I could find in the church.

Here are crosses on the lights hanging from the ceiling.

Wow!  In the top picture, the church is well lit!  How did you make the background look black?

I have no idea!!   I focused on the lights and BAM! they turned out like this!  I think it had something to do with white balance or light metering or something.  I dunno.  But aren’t they cool?!

Same thing happened here!  Look in the top picture. Waaaaay up on the platform there are two flags.  One of the flags has this cross as a topper.   I was standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the platform and zoooomed in…and it turned out like this, with the black background.   Sometimes photography is a mysterious alchemy and I’m the sorcerer’s apprentice trying to keep up.

The stained glass window:

The communion platters:

The communion table:

A hymnal:

The side of  a pew:

Photo Club got out a little early, so B had some free time.  She didn’t want to break the number one rule for a mother with alone time:  Do NOT come back earlier than expected.

So, we headed out to the park so she could practice some of the stuff she learned at Photo Club.  I don’t know if she managed to concentrate on her pictures, ’cause I sure didn’t.  I can’t chit-chat with someone and focus on photography at the same time.  So here’s a boring picture from the park:

After the park I took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  I had to do some fancy talking to get them to go.   They were suspicious it was a girl movie.  It is a girl movie, but I’m a girl, and Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite fairy tale.  Besides, they might as well get used to going to chick flicks while they’re young.  It’ll make them good husbands one day.

At the theater they show free kid’s movies in the summer.  Mean Theater Lady used to work at the theater.  One week they showed The Wizard of Oz.  Mean Theater Lady waited until the opening credits, flicked on the overhead lights, and then barrelled through the theater snatching candy right out of the children’s hands muttering about, “Free movie…bring outside food…ungrateful…buy some stinkin’ popcorn…”

Speaking of light switches in movie theaters: after the movie, Boy9 realized he’d lost his DS in the theater.   This is the 5th time he’s lost something in the theater.  I’ve learned where the light switch is so that we can crawl around on the sticky floor looking for whatever it was he lost.  You’d think I’d learn not to let them bring in outdoor stuff…

After movie, we went to P’s 40th Birthday party.

During the drive, Darling Husband asked the boys to be quiet while he did his homework .  For some reason the Pirate Flag that’s been stuck to our car window for four years suddenly because The Toy that both children just Had To Have rightnow.  I actually had to use the words, “Don’t make me pull this car over!” during the drive.  I love saying stuff like that!

The birthday party was in a private room at a restaurant.  It was pretty packed and hectic at the party, and the crab dip was really, really, really, really good.

Here’s where I tried to get an artsy picture of the crab dip, but every time I took the picture, the table got bumped.  I looked up to find two small children beating each other about the head with rolled up menus.

Boy9’s burning hot cheese slid off of his pizza onto his lap.  He smeared it all around his pants trying to get it off because it was burning him through the cloth.

Boy9 has got to be the messiest eater in the world.  Except for Darling Husband.  Darling Husband spills food on himself every single day.   Sometimes I can catch him before it happens.  The other day I made spaghetti.  Darling Husband picked up some naked noodles and dipped them in the sauce.  And then…while wearing his dressy white shirt…he started lifting the red-sauce-dripping noodle above his head so he could lower it into his mouth.  I managed to shriek out, “WHAT are you DOING?!” and he stopped just as a big blob of red sauce splashed back into the pot.  After 19 years of this, I’ve learned to mostly ignore it, but about twice a year, it suddenly becomes unbearably hilarious.  What’s funny is that he is always shocked.  He never sees it coming.  Ever.  And that’s just funny.

Here is Pam’s cake with the black frosting.  We all had black teeth.

Throughout the evening, it snowed.

Here is my brick walkway in the snow.

And that was my day.

The end.


6 thoughts on “Invisible Friends, Chick Flicks, Red Sauce and White Shirts

  1. “Don’t make me pull this car over!” It even made me shudder….

    By the way, I don’t spill something on myself EVERY day. I didn’t today. Funny you should mention it though. I found a spot on the leg of my pants today at work. No idea where it came from. It looked like spaghetti sauce….

  2. When we go to out to eat, J sits across from me,so she can tell me where I spilled food.Usually she points to a place on her face to indicate where my food spilled(mostly beard area)

  3. Sometimes I have FELT invisible and other times I think people have WISHED I would just be invisible, but I am glad I could prove that your friends aren’t invisible! It is good I finally made it, but my brain is still trying to recover. At least I won’t have a pop quiz or final exam or something. (right??) There was a moment when I thought our “leader” was going to ask me what I remembered. I almost blacked out. I used to think I knew how to take pictures. ha. That was back when I had a camera that didn’t mind if I left it on auto. This one minds, a lot.

    • Oh, I hate it when he does that. One time he was talking about something complex and convoluted and I started to tune him out and realized, “Oh, no! I’m tuning him out!!” and that’s when he asked a question. How did he know?

      No one expects you to have taken it all in in one hour. I got at least 3 official lessons on the basics before anyone started expecting me to remember.

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