Perfect Days = Boring Blogs

Went to the Air and Space Museum near the Dulles airport in Virginia today.

We went with these friends.

They are the nicest people in the entire world.  I told them that if Jesus had been born this year instead of in the year 0, God would have picked this couple to be his parents.

Everything was perfect today.  How can one write a funny post about a perfectly lovely day?  One can’t.

1.  The museum was practically empty.

2.  The museum was almost silent.

3.  It was lots more interesting than I’d anticipated.

4.  The weather was great so we could eat outside.

5.  The Imax movie was awesome.

6.  I got to take 184 pictures.

7.  We got to hang out with Mary and Joseph all day long.

Sorry for the dull post.  Hopefully something ridiculous will happen tomorrow and I’ll be back to normal.

For now, all I can say about today is that it was just about as perfect as a day can get.  And since blog posts about perfect days are perfectly boring, I’ll stop blogging.


6 thoughts on “Perfect Days = Boring Blogs

  1. See? Again I’d just like to like this. However I have to actually write a response. I need to come up with a clever blog idea so I can have access to that like button.

    Speaking of the Dulles air & space museum, I was just thinking about taking the kids there. I’ve heard it’s usually empty & has lots of room for running around. But I hear parking costs $15. That’s how they get ya.

    • Oh yeah. I forgot about the parking. Buuut, I think you can swing the $15.

      It was great. Lots and lots of open spaces to move around in. No lines anywhere. It was practically empty. I think there were more employees in the museum than visitors. And it was soooo quiet. You don’t know (well, maybe you do) how much I appreciate quiet.

      I thought the kids would be mildly interested, but they loved it. So did I. The kids with me were ages 5, 6, 7, 9, and 9. O and E would probably love it. Look at the website because some days the Planetarium is free. It wasn’t today, so we didn’t go. We went to an Imax show instead about fighter pilots.

    • And just ’cause you have a blog account doesn’t mean you have to write in it. Because if you do, you’ll find out that it wastes a lot of your time, especially the obsessive checking every five minutes to see how many people have read it each day.

    • Right! I’m not joking about the Mary and Joseph thing. Whenever I think of Mary and Joseph, I picture these two. Can’t you hear Joseph with a South African accent, “Mary…Mary…wake up. We need to flee Bethlehem right now.”

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