Dead cars, Uno Losers, Waterlogged Husbands, and Strawberry Tea.

What a day!  How can I choose just one picture?  Instead of choosing just one and talking ad nauseam about it (like normal) I’ll just post a bunch of pictures.

First—at 7:30, when it was only 28 degrees outside, my car died on the way to church.   There I am puttering along, and the engine just….stopped.

28 degrees is really cold on a Sunday morning!

The car has over 193,000 miles.  Might have to get a new one.  But I hope not, because we’re cheap and hate buying expensive things like cars.  Makes us cranky.

At 7:50, once Darling Husband rescued me, I took some quick portraits of B.  B lives overseas and works with orphans.  She’s also a gracious loser at Uno.

She asked me to take her picture for the prayer/business cards she gives out to people.  Gulp.  A little bit of pressure there, since she’ll be getting the portrait printed on hundreds of little cards to give out to hundreds of little people (and maybe some big ones, too).  But look at her—She’s a cutie and hard to make look bad no matter how amateur the photographer.

At 8:00, I taught the preschoolers about Jesus being baptized.  Here are images of Jesus being baptized.

Wait…why is Jesus wearing a Toys R Us employee t-shirt?  Oh.  That’s actually Darling Husband from 18 years ago.  Isn’t he dreamy?  (Is that a butterfly on his shoulder?)

Wow.  Look at all that water coming off his head.  I wonder where all that water’s gonna go….?

You have to click on that one.  Look at the poor pastor’s face.  All that water…and he was right in the line of fire.  We should have given him Hazard Pay in the next offering.

Poor guy.  He did have an awesome sense of humor though, so he wasn’t really upset.  He was also prone to crying at weddings, even when he was the officiant.

At 1:30, I went to Gettysburg to take pictures of things that look like letters so I can spell out my friend’s last name to give to her for a birthday present.

Note: The last letter looks bad small, but looks good if you click on it to see it regular size.


I was tickled to find the Eiffel Tower for the A.  She gets to go to Paris for work All The Time.  Lucky!

At 5:30, Mom invited us to go out to eat at….

Ruby Tuesdays!  What!? Is that allowed?  Their strawberry tea is aMAzing.

Watched no tv today.


One thought on “Dead cars, Uno Losers, Waterlogged Husbands, and Strawberry Tea.

  1. 1. Don’t be silly. If I were Jesus, I’d be standing ON the water!

    2. Which one was John?

    3. The water in PH’s eye covered up the fact he was crying. 🙂

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