The Glorious Powers of ADHD

This is a picture of Darling Husband (the grey one) and Rob at Li’s Buffet.  Every now and then Rob does stand-up comedy at wherever it is that people go to do stand-up comedy so you know we had a good time at lunch today.

Rob and family came to the house after lunch.  We had a blessedly quiet conversation because it was warm enough for the younglings to go outside and play.  It’s so nice that they’re finally old enough to go outside unsupervised and you’re not afraid that they’ll try to eat a rock.  Or a bug.  I guess it wouldn’t really matter if they ate a bug.  It’s not like there are poison dart frogs in the backyard.  It would just be really gross to see your kid eat a bug.

I’ve learned that the best way to keep a house clean is to invite people into it as much as possible.  It gives you motivation not to be too much of a slob.  My plan was to tidy up this morning while Darling Husband studied for the class he’s taking and planned for the class he’s teaching.

At 8:30, the alarm went off.  We both stumbled out of bed.  I made my way to my bathroom and brushed my teeth.  This takes longer for me that is does for you because I turn on the ceramic heater in the bathroom and stand in front of it reading a book while I brush my teeth.  I can thaw and get a good 10 or so pages read before the day even starts.

In that time, Darling Husband had brushed his teeth, made our bed, folded the blankets on the fold out couch where the kids sleep and put them away, folded up the fold out couch bed, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, started the dishwasher, and was halfway done making chocolate chip pancakes for the kids.

That’s because he hadn’t taken his ADHD meds yet.  Unfettered ADHD can be a glorious thing in a grown man who has learned how to harness its powers.

I managed to shoo him away so that he could do the work he was supposed to be doing (the studying and planning.)

After he studied, he was supposed to go to the post office and mail the tax bill.  I asked him to help me move a table into the basement before he left so I could vacuum the rugs while he was gone.

Once the table was in the basement, Darling Husband bounded up the stairs, had the vacuum out, plugged in and was vacuuming before I even reached the top of the staircase.  I had to shoo him away and take over so he could head to the post office.

That man gets more done in one hour than I do all day.

Our friends got a little taste of it last night when Darling Husband shouted out in the middle of an Uno round, “Speed Uno!  GO!!” and made us play so fast we were in danger of getting carpal tunnel syndrome in our wrists from flicking out our cards so fast.

We had to stop Speed Uno after one round because the rest of us were exhausted.

Watched while cooking/cleaning in the kitchen:  The Last Man on Earth.  Which is the true version of I am Legend.  Not that phony Will Smith version with the sappy, watered down ending.


3 thoughts on “The Glorious Powers of ADHD

  1. Rob goes through slightly manic phases. More like periods of hyper-focused-ness. I LOVE them! So much stuff gets done around the house thanks to those phases. A new bathroom, refinished floors, landscaping…the list goes on. I just make sure that he knows what my next few dream projects are at all times so that when the spirit moves him he’s got a place to channel his energies. Especially now that all of his music has been converted to electronic files and cross-indexed by name and genre. It would feel awful to have that kind of drive and nothing to do with it. So really I’m doing him a favor when I casually mention my co-workers’ remodeled kitchen…

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