I used to have really long hair.  But my hair is fine.  (Ooo, that girl is fine!)  No, not that kind of fine.  By fine, I mean my hair is scraggly and wispy.  And scraggly and wispy doesn’t do ‘long’ very well.

I got tired of my scraggly- wispy long hair, so one day I walked into the hair stylists’ shop and said, “Do something with this hair.  Cut it all off if you want to.”

Those are the magic words!  All those years in school and updating their certifications and training on the newest techniques pays off when they hear the magic words.

With a happy sparkle in her eye, my stylist cut off all my hair.  And it looked really good!  Every time I went back for a trim, she would cut it shorter and shorter…until it looked like this.   Too short!!  Cue the sound of the needle scratching the record.

Remember records?  Oh, I loved them.  I loved that fuzzy sound they made.  Such a comforting sound.  I remember Sister Loretta’s music class at Our Lady of Victory Elementary school.  Sister Loretta hated children so she became a teacher.  She would play us records of horrible folk songs like “Jimmy Crack Corn.”  She would try to sing like an opera singer and tell us to sing along.   And then she’d sing the wrong verse and blame it on us.  One day, one of the boys brought in a record.  “Sister Loretta, I brought in a record of ‘Rock of Ages.’  Can we play it?”

The poor woman.  She didn’t see it coming.  It wasn’t this version.  It was this version.  You know the one.

She called us “horrid, horrid children.”  We probably deserved it.

Anyhoo.  Today was Soup Day (every other Tuesday I eat lunch with a group of friends) and S cuts our hair at soup day.

This is the soup we ate.  W made the soup and took the picture:

Photography lesson of the day:  it is impossible for your subject not to look silly when wearing a plastic sheet stuck around their neck and have their hair sticking up.  I tried 55 different shots of K and I getting our hair cut and we look ridiculous in all of them.  And S is just a blur.  You’d think she had drunk the McDonald’s tea-flavored sugar water.

Here’s the Picture of the Day again, in case you forgot what it looked like:

For fun, here’s a picture of the haircut after.

Usually on haircut day, I wear this hat before the haircut, so I don’t have to bother combing my hair in the morning.  I bought the hat to wear in the house when I get cold.  There’s a line in A Christmas Carol that reads, “Darkness is cheap and Scrooge liked it.”  We like to say, “Cold is cheap and we like it.”  If you’re cold, put on a sweater!  Or a hat.

For fun, here’s a picture of me with long hair.  The was taken on a film camera with black and white film, back in the olden days before people used digital cameras.  (This picture was after records, but before digital cameras.)  Unfortunately, the hair kinda looks good.  It must have been the black and white film, because it was scraggly and wispy in color.

And for extra special fun, here’s my 1990 senior prom picture.  Look at the spiral perm!  And those glasses!


4 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. If you’re cold- wear a hat. Love it! I’m a hat guy 😉 I have a photo-blog in addition to greasy heart you may like as well:
    Thanks for stopping by.
    “See” you again…

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