Snow, Magic Wood, and a Confession

Well guys, get used to it.  This is my picture of the day edited in Elements.  I can never get it to work right…  Once is gone in April, we’ll be stuck with this.

Here it is edited in Picnik, which I prefer because it works better.   Obviously.

This is the picture of the day for a few reasons.

First, this is a picture of the day because of the snow.  See the happy husband?  He loves snow.  I woke up last night at 3 a.m. and Darling Husband wasn’t in bed.  He’d gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to gaze affectionately at the snow.

Second, this is a picture of the day because it’s about a gift.  Darling Husband is taking a box of 100+ year old wood to S, who has a new fireplace.  It was a housewarming present.  Oh!  Look at the pun!  Wood for the fireplace as a housewarming present?!  Oh–so funny.

We call the 100+ year old wood Magic Wood.  I just had a thought: maybe this is the wood they use in the movies.  You know—in the movies: How they put a big ol’ block of wood in the fireplace and casually toss in a match and the whole thing whoofs into a cheery blaze?  Versus in real life where you have to … oh, just read the blog about the fireplace for my rantings about how arduous it is to start a fire.

With the Magic Wood you can just toss it in the fireplace and use a piece of flint to get the fire going.  We got this wood when they were tearing down an old mill in town and getting rid of the wood.  We’ve been rationing it out so that we can use it as our firestarter wood for many years to come.  Once our supply is gone, it’s gone forever.  It was a truly precious gift to our friend.
Wow.  That last paragraph makes us sound like hicks.  Taking a bunch of wood to someone so they can build a fire?  I’m telling you, when you live in an area where the schools actually close for the first day of hunting season, it starts to rub off on you.  When they first told me that the schools were closed because “it’s the first day of hunting season,” I laughed.  What a funny joke!  As if this area was so hickish that they’d actually close schools for hunting season!  Ha ha ha!

Yeeeah.  They weren’t kidding.

And now we find ourselves taking our 100+ year old Magic Wood as a housewarming present.  He outta be thankful we didn’t take him chickens.  When I found three ticks in the backyard last year (and one tick on my kid’s ear—oh horrible!), I seriously considered getting chickens.  (They eat ticks, for you city folk.)

Third, it’s the picture of the day so that I can make a confession.  I did not take this picture with Clarrisse.   We got 10 minutes into the 15 minute drive to S’s house when I realized my lips were chapped (and hurt real bad.)  I reached for the chapstick in my purse and….no purse!  Which meant no Clarrisse!   I had to pull the car over and put a paper bag over my head until I settled down.  I was ready to turn back for Clarrisse, but Darling Husband said, “Just use S’s camera.”

Grimace.  To use S’s camera would mean I’d have to admit to S that I forgot mine.  And S knows that barely a week ago I made gleeful fun of K for forgetting his camera and told K he wouldn’t be allowed to come to Photo Club anymore, because “you should always have your camera.”

No Star Trek today.  Instead I shoveled snow.

Batman Uno results:

Bettina: 199

Jeff: 162

Me: 109

Barbetta: 45

Jesse: 33

Darling Husband…..25.  He won again.  The first time was an anomaly.  The second time is perplexing.  If he wins a third time, I may have to admit that I’m not the Queen of Uno anymore.  Mortifying!


5 thoughts on “Snow, Magic Wood, and a Confession

  1. Re: Photoshop Elements….
    “He is too old. Yes, too old to begin the training.”
    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

      • Of course you aren’t too old, but it did seem the perfect Yoda quip. Perhaps this one is more fitting….”complete the training you must!”

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