Picnik.com closing down

Wait…what?!?!  Picnik.com is closing down in April!?!


I have Photoshop Elements and I hate it.  I really, really, really hate Elements.

I’ve had three different friends sit with me and show me how to use Elements and each time I’m thinking, “I can do the same thing, easier, in picnik.”

Whenever I use Elements, I’m like The Boy doing long division and pencils go flying across the room.   I really hate it and it completely frustrates me.  Something that is supposed to be a fun hobby turns into a tedious chore.

Ok.  Public whining done for now.  I’ll do the rest of my whining in privacy.  (Maybe I should call it mourning?)

If anyone is reading this and knows anything about photo editing, what do you use?



Hey:  it’s April 19th today, and I’ve noticed that a  lot of people keep reading this blog post, so you’re probably as upset as I was about picnic closing down.  Check out iPiccy.com. It’s almost  a mirror copy of Picnic.com.  Shew!  Disaster averted!


4 thoughts on “Picnik.com closing down

  1. Oh, you poor thing. What a sad day. Well, maybe you could find some joy watching Bryan play in the snow today? 🙂
    I use Memory Manager (Creative Memories) and I can show it to you sometime if you’d like. Editing AND organizing all in the same place.

    • Thank you, Becky, for the sympathy. I’m looking at creativememories.com. Is there a way to look at the memory manager options online? Or do I need to lure you to my house with treats and you can show me memory manager?

      • Luring with treats is always an option, of course. 🙂 But, here is a link for a MM training- you could watch the whole 30 minutes or just skip around to see some highlights. Maybe you could get an idea of what all you can do in MM. http://www.creativememories.com/Content/Help/HelpZone-MM3-Train.aspx
        Or you could come here to see my MM (on my desktop computer- it holds all 19,042 of my pictures… but that’s another story) & I could demonstrate some things for you.

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