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Somehow or other my homeschooled kids got wind of the fact that non-homeschooled kids take a day off for Martin Luther King day.   Last night when I said something about “school tomorrow” I may as well have been speaking to two gritty miniature Clint Eastwoods.  They were preparing to make their steely-eyed stand and things were gonna get ugly.

But since darling husband was off work today, I let the boys have the day off.  It’s not fun having school when dad’s at home.

Instead, we watched a lot of tv.

A few Get Smart episodes.  Get Smart is another show I remember watching after school and loving, but it’s really dumb now.

A Twilight Zone: the guy lands on Mars and the Martians put him in a zoo.

Star Trek during exercising:  The one with Zefram Cochrane and the Companion.  I still have issues with Star Trek.  The women on Star Trek are such loose cannons.  You just never know when they’re going to fling the back of their hand to their foreheads and crumple to the ground.  Get a spine, ladies!

And Planet of the Apes, the original.

Sigh.  Planet of the Apes.

I have been waiting years upon years upon years to share the twist at the end with my children.  (Rod Serling was a co-writer of the screenplay.)

I gave everyone around me gag orders not to give away the ending.  Anytime someone mentioned something about Planet of the Apes, I’ve had to lunge across the room and tackle them to the ground for fear they’d give out a clue.

So, finally, after 9 long years, we get to the end of the movie, and I’m waiting to see their astonished reaction to the end…and when we see it, the Boy says, “Oh yeah.  I knew how it ended.  I heard Dad talking about it one day.”

Oh well.  The ending still brings tears to my eyes, even though I know it’s coming.  (I really love Sci-fi.)

Other than watching 10 hours of tv, we played some games.  The games you see in the picture.  What I like about these games is:

1.  You need only 2 players.

2.  They take 5 to 20 minutes (tops) per game.  Is there a more exquisite torture than having to play a never-ending round of Sorry with two small children?  No.

3.  They’re strategic.  They are not games of chance.  Games of chance are dumb.  Seriously.  The whole point of winning a game is to prove to everyone else that you’re the smartest, right?  Right?!?

It wasn’t until after I got out of school and had no chance to join a sports team that I realized I have a serious competitive streak in me.

Really, it’s not pretty.  I try to tame the beast, but sometimes it comes snarling out.

Anyway.  I was completely proud of my nine year old today.  He managed to outmaneuver me on Quixos—twice!  Games are much more fun when you’re pitted against a worthy opponent.  The victory is all the sweeter.

If you care, the games are by Gigamic (see website here) and the ones I own are:




Quoridor (kids version)





4 thoughts on “Games and TV

    • Non, madame. Je veux en englais.

      That’s just weird. It was in English a couple of days ago. At the top of my screen there’s a “translate” button. It translated it to English for me. Well, it didn’t translate the tabs on the side. “Reflexion” appears to mean “strategy” (would make sense), and that’s where most of my games are.

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