I Photographed my First Civil Ceremony!

Remember my friend J that I met in gym class in high school?

I got a Facebook message from her on Monday sent to me and a couple of other people she’s known for about 400 years.

Here’s what it reads:

“Chello all,

I wasn’t planning on telling anyone, but I suppose I should give a heads-up to people I’ve known for like 20 and 30 years (and longer). Our big news is that Rob”


But it picks back up:

“Great my phone cut the msg off. Anyway we’re getting hitched Friday. Keep it hush hush cuz you know how I LOVE to be the center of attention.”

I wrote back to her:

“Woo hoo. Congratulations! Will you wear a yellow dress to the courthouse and live out my dream wedding for me? Can I stalk the courthouse until you show up, and snap a picture so I can tell people “I’ve done weddings”?”

And, even though I completely didn’t expect her to, she let me come!  Yay! I get to go to the wedding and take pictures!  But then I realized, Oh no!  I have to go to the wedding and take pictures!

Thankfully, the judge completely took over the picture taking and told everyone where to stand and “put your head on his shoulder” and all that silly wedding stuff.  Which was very much appreciated because I sure didn’t know what to do.

The wedding was at the courthouse, and I have to say that I love courthouse weddings.  I guess they’re not “weddings.”  They’re called Civil Ceremonies.  I’ve been to two Civil Ceremonies and I very much like how low key they are.  Even though my own wedding was tiny and very simple (flowered sun dress, homemade soup for the guests), I still wish I’d gone the courthouse route.

They chose Friday the 13th so they’d remember the date.  Smart idea.  I’ve been friends with J for 24 years and she still can’t remember my birthday.  The rings are made of black tungsten carbide.  Very heavy and very awesome.  I love them!  (And they’re only about $40–right up my alley!)

Sooooo….today’s picture of the day is of them looking over their paperwork at the “altar.”  That’s what I like that about Civil Ceremonies.  They’ve just exchanged the vows, given each other a kiss, and now it’s back to normal life:  “Make sure everything is filled in correctly, please.”  And go home.


2 thoughts on “I Photographed my First Civil Ceremony!

  1. After I saw that my email had been cut off, I thought about not responding right away with the details so you all could wonder. I decided not to wait though when I realized that whatever scenarios you could come up with to fill in the blanks would grossly eclipse the real news. “What, Rob ISN’T missing in the Australian Outback? You’re just getting married?”

    Anyway, thanks for taking the pictures. Look! I’m not rolling my eyes!

    • Well, we appreciate you not leaving us hanging. You’re on the money that getting married would have been a letdown. I was hoping the news was that Rob was finally being financially recognized for his comedy and there were lots of zeros involved.

      And you did roll your eyes at dinner until you realized that if I caught it on film I’d post it on a blog and that would be much more annoying than having the picture taken in the first place.

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