Fruit, Vegetables, and Exercise

I managed not to gain any weight this past December, but I think I lost any muscle that I might have had and replaced it with sticks of butter.

The picture of the day is of one of my meals today, because I’m back on track with my usual dining fare.  No more Chocolate Bolacha for breakfast.

Breakfast: fruit.

Lunch: salad.

Snack: Yucky peanut butter Snickers thing.

Dinner: Homemade pizza topped with 25 tomatoes and an onion.

Dessert: trail mix.

Last week I started getting serious about my exercise routine again since I usually skip exercising for the entire month of December.

This is how I manage to exercise 3-4 times a week:

If I say, “I’ll exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” then something inevitably comes up to ruin my plans on Monday and Friday, and I end up exercising only once that week on Wednesday.

But if I say, “I’ll exercise every day,” and something comes up on Monday and Friday, then I’ve still exercised on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The exercise routine involves a brisk walk on a treadmill set on the steepest incline, stationed in front of the 6 foot by 7 foot projector screen, with the projector set to watching old Star Trek episodes. (I, Mudd was today’s.)

I watch Star Trek because I exercise with the kids in the room.   Everything on current television is too intense for my 6 year old, so we’re stuck with stuff made before 1990.

But let me tell you, you’ve not watched old Star Trek episodes until you’ve seen them on a 6’ x 7’ screen so you can clearly tell when they’re using stunt doubles.  Kirk’s double isn’t even the same height or have the same haircut!  The first time I saw the double I was confused.  Where’d the extra security guy come from and why wasn’t his shirt red?  Oh…it’s supposed to be Kirk…

The only problem with watching the original Star Trek episodes is that they didn’t have as many commercials in the olden days, so each episode is a full 50 minutes long.  Before the kids were in the room with me, I was watching shows like 24 and Prison Break, which are only 43 minutes long.  You might not think it, but in terms of brisk walks up steep hills, those extra 7 minutes can be brutal!

Especially for someone made out of sticks of butter.


9 thoughts on “Fruit, Vegetables, and Exercise

    • Thanks Norina. I do have one lone square of chocolate bolacha left. If I eat it, I’ll be tempted to make more. If I don’t eat it, well, that’s just a tragedy. I’m waiting for just the right time to eat it. Probably right after breakfast tomorrow.

  1. I’m getting hungry.Time for a bowl of cereal and my breakfast drink (a glass of milk with Nestle’s Quik and a ts.espresso) .

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