Soup Day

Soup Day!

Every other Tuesday for the past three years, I’ve met with a group of friends for lunch.  We always meet at B’s house and we always eat soup.  (That’s why it’s called Soup Day.)

There are  8 of us, but 2 or 3 are usually missing on any given Soup Day.  I am the only member of Soup Day who has come to every single meeting.  Every single meeting.  Even the hostess missed a meeting, but I was there.  That’s commitment, people!

I wish I could describe Soup Day.  I’m not sure why B puts up with us.  For example, we wanted bread with the soup that B makes, so instead of any of us actually bringing bread to soup day, we bought B a bread machine so she could make us bread.  It didn’t dawn on us how much that was like a man buying his wife lingerie for her birthday until we’d already bought it, given it to her, she’d made us our first loaf of bread, and we were eating it.  (We go through a stick of butter every Soup Day.  Hmm…Future gift idea:  butter churn!!! Har har har.)

We always sit in the same places.  I suggested sitting in different places about two years ago and it was awful.  Everyone sat there, slumped, unhappy.  We agreed never to do that again.  S is a more recent participant of Soup Day and she didn’t know about the attempted change-up in seating.  Two weeks ago, all 8 of us were there, and I arrived to see S in my spot!!  Oh no you don’t!  In a moment of unguarded I- Can’t-Hide-My-Response-Because-It’s-Too-Strong,” out popped the words, “You’re in my seat!” complete with a look of horrified disbelief.  I might even have pointed, but I’m not sure.

S quietly threatened to revoke cutting my hair for me if I didn’t play nice about her sitting in my spot.  So, I was stuffed between W and S and there was less than 1.5 feet between us…and you know how I feel about that.

About the picture of the day:

I always bring McDonald’s tea-flavored sugar water with me to Soup Day.  (No ice.)  And I usually get a cup for W as well, and I confirmed with her on Sunday that I’d be bringing the tea-flavored sugar water.

When I walked in today and saw a cup of tea-flavored sugar water at my spot, I first thought, “Oops!  W must have thought she was getting the tea-flavored sugar water this time,” and then I saw the card propped up on it and I realized she must have brought me some extra tea-flavored sugar water for my birthday.  (It was my birthday a few weeks ago and this was the first chance we had to celebrate it at Soup Day.)

The cup sat there all the way thru the eating of the bread, the soup, and the birthday cake.  After two hours, W couldn’t stand it anymore and blurted out, “It’s not tea-flavored sugar water in there!!”

W used the tea cup as a box for my birthday gifts:  A McDonald’s gift card (to get more tea-flavored sugar water), a Books-A-Million gift card (because she knows I looooooove books), and warm fluffy socks (“For your cold house,” she said.)  Does she know me, or what?!  She’s awesome.

I took T’s portrait today holding one of the birthday cakes (she made two), and a few shots of the cup, but that was it, much to the relief of all.


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